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Unique Ways To Incorporate Greenery Into Your Wedding Décor

Unique Ways To Incorporate Greenery Into Your Wedding Décor

Although flowers are a crucial component of wedding décor, possibly even its foundation, the appearance of the entire event is enhanced by the presence of greenery. It seems as though the presence of green in wedding decorations draws the outside in. While the natural shade produces a traditional, clean, and crisp appearance.

Lush greenery is a stunning accent to any theme, regardless of whether you are planning a glam, bohemian, tropical, or modern wedding. Additionally, there is a ton of room for creativity when choosing the type of foliage you wish to use. You can make it extravagant with suspended green installations or keep it basic with a few branches.

Additionally, you can alter your decor according to the season by using seasonal foliage, such as scented pine for colder months or eye-catching monstera leaves for warmer months. Green leaves make a beautiful décor and are also an affordable choice. Therefore, if you are seeking inexpensive methods to turn heads, these fresh greenery ideas won’t let you down.

Have a look at some lovely ideas through which your wedding will be a lush green affair!

Select A Green Varmala Design

Varmalas or flower garlands are an important aspect of the ceremony and should thus be highlighted, even though they may not be the focal point of the décor. These floral garlands are a fantastic choice when it comes to becoming green! With leaves, you can go subtle or extravagant, and they are sure to look beautiful!
From minimal to extravagant, foliage varmalas come in all different forms, perfect to go with your outdoor wedding decoration.

Modify Your Mandap

Mandaps covered in vines make a spectacular ceremony location! A wooden building looks more natural when there is greenery around it. As you exchange varmalas with your guests, these mandaps can also be decorated with delicate flowers that go well with the green. This will provide your visitors with a panoramic perspective.

Pick Green-Laden Backgrounds for Photos

Even if you don’t intend to decorate your wedding site with any of those enormous photo booths, your wedding photos will still be fantastic. Then going with a photo booth covered with flora is the way to go! Your wedding photos will essentially come to life with these backdrops.

Decor with Suspended Greenery

A wedding venue’s ceilings are much more than just drapes, whether they are over a mandap, the entry, the pathways or for your wedding stage decoration. And adding some green to them is one of the best methods to illuminate the roof of your venue. There are many different ways to spruce up your ceilings with suspended decor, including terrariums and foliage chandeliers.

Welcome Your Guests With Green

The first thing your guests will spot is the entrance decoration. So, charming signage is always a great option for your wedding venue. By hanging your welcome sign from a hedge, you can enchantingly welcome attendees to your event. You may create a charming small touch to the wedding decor by combining the robust signpost with chic calligraphy and lovely leaves.

Put It On The Table

Do you want your place settings to stand out? For a neat appearance, fasten a few greens to your table settings. The entire table setting would look amazing if you used foliage wreaths as runners and added crystal glassware and candlesticks.

Make Use Of It As Your Centerpiece

The traditional floral centerpiece has been used in the past. Place lemon trees in the middle of your reception table for something bigger and more striking, or choose some succulent-filled terrariums. In order for individuals to see the person across from them, each center piece is either tall enough or short enough. These plants are useful in addition to being beautiful and fragrant.

Whimsical Chairs

Using fabric bows, ribbons, and flower wreaths to decorate your chairs is a wonderful way to show off your own style on your wedding day. Marking your chairs with lovely green wreaths is a creative and entertaining approach to spruce up your decor. The addition of these greens to the chair backs gives the room a more rustic and contemporary feel.

We love these different ways in which you can add a splash of green to your wedding festivities! For more on wedding decorations, reach out to us today!

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