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Here’s How You Can Include Parandi Décor At Your Wedding

Here’s How You Can Include Parandi Décor At Your Wedding

If you are a millennial couple that is bored of the same old wedding decorations, we definitely recommend having a look at parandi décor! Parandi is one of the oldest wedding décor ideas that we have seen. This trend has been around for ages, and it is such a timeless alternative that we still see a lot of real couples choose it. Parandi is basically tassels. So if you love some colorful tassels, you must definitely incorporate them into your wedding décor

So, if you want to ‘Indianize’ your wedding décor while being safe with your marriage decorations, this popular parandi decoration is a good choice. It doesn’t require a lot of experimentation. And since it has been around for a while, you can scroll through some ideas to get inspiration for your wedding décor. See how you may incorporate this style into your future wedding in 2022 by going through this article!

Wedding Backdrop

Mehendi ceremonies are typically full of color, and life alike. So, parandi decoration fits the ceremony like a glove! If you want a traditional backdrop for your Mehendi ceremony, parandi is definitely the way to go. The parandi decoration is bright and lively. It can also easily be repurposed for different wedding events.

We love how the parandi décor is similar to the color palette of a typical Mehendi ceremony, so it doesn’t seem odd or too out of place. You can also get parandi décor in multiple shades to match your wedding theme. Don’t just restrict this décor style to the Mehendi ceremony. They look amazing for backdrops in a classy Sangeet ceremony too!

Overhead Hangings

If you are having an outdoor wedding ceremony, it is no secret that the majority of your wedding decoration will be done to cover the sky. Whether you are using draperies or a tent, or even a gazebo or canopy setting, you will have to cover the area from above with some sort of material. Why not use parandi as overhead hangings?

They will work in two ways, as décor elements as well as to cover your seating area. Not only will you be covering a lot of ground with just one element, but you will also be able to choose the color you want thanks to the variety of possibilities available.

If you wish to go in another direction with the hangings, you can also pair some white tassels with an upside-down jute basket, and hang this subtle décor from a pole! It looks whimsical, lovely, yet very subtle in its charm!

Phoolon Ki Chaddar

A typical phoolon ki chaddar doesn’t just have to comprise of flowers anymore! From drapes to pompoms, we have seen numerous ideas for this lovely wedding element. We came across these beautiful tassel-decorated phoolon ki chaddars while looking for easy DIY phoolon ki chaddar ideas. And you must believe us when we say they are incredible.

Still skeptical about it? Have a look at them for yourselves! You simply cannot look away from this lovely phoolon ki chaddar. If your vibe is funky and cool, you deserve to walk (and dance) your way to the wedding venue under this phoolon ki chaddar that gives off the same vibe!

Do The Unthinkable

Parandi décor is adored by many, solely because it is just so versatile. You don’t just have to restrict yourself to the basic décor styles. You can use this décor in unconventional ways and let your creativity spark up. This is the time when you let all your artistic inspiration flow!

While you may have parandi prepared for hangings and backdrops, there are also other unusual places where this classic decoration style can be used. For the dining area, you can hang them behind the chairs, or even at the borders of the dining table. White tassels look so great with flowers, so you can also pair them up with flowers and drapes. Smaller tassels can be hung on clear, sheer curtains, for an ethereal look!

If you are looking for an elegant look, have a look at this lovely dining table set in ivy blue. The tassels match the shade of the table drapes, and the lovely round bulbs simply elevate the entire ambience.

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