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How To Use Florals At Your Wedding On A Budget

How To Use Florals At Your Wedding On A Budget

While setting a budget for your wedding, you have to consider plenty of factors. Your wedding venue, first and foremost, should have a budget cap set, so that it doesn’t exceed and limit all the other wedding elements. You can select the venue of your wedding based on that budget. Similarly, the time of the year you pick for your wedding also may affect the budget, since the type of florals and décor elements you pick will differ from season to season.

Lighting options for your wedding also matter since you may need a lot of bright lights for a night wedding. A daytime wedding may not require a lot of lights. While all your décor elements must have a budget set, you must also set one for your florals.

Worried about not managing the trendiest floral styles on a budget? You don’t have to worry anymore! Your wedding portraits will be all brightened up with these jazzy florals. Check out these small ways you can manage your florals on a budget:

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Pick Florals With Stems

If you are looking to purchase flowers at cheaper rates, consider buying bulk flowers. Pick flowers with stems, since they won’t need to be threaded or wired properly in place. Flowers like roses, calla lilies, and lilies have legitimate stems that don’t require any beautification before you can use them for your decoration.

When it comes to imported flowers, orchids usually need to be attached to an external stem since they have a very tiny two-inch stem. You need to elongate it with a faux stem attached to a water tube, or a wire. So if you want an exotic orchid garland, you will have to handle each and every flower individually. The problem is also common with indigenous flowers like genda phool. You may have to follow additional steps to turn them into garlands or attach them to wires or stems before you will be able to use them.

When you pick florals that come with stems, you reduce the extra work. These florals also come cheaper as compared to imported flowers without stems. This thoughtful solution can be a boon for your budget issues. These florals look gorgeous, whether as flower garlands or for wedding decorations. It will help you get down your floral budget so that you can use the rest for other floral arrangements.

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Seasonal Florals Are The Way To Go

A key mantra that must be followed while selecting florals for your wedding is: keep your flowers happy! If your flowers don’t like the climate they are being subjected to, they will wilt away faster. Choose flowers that are adaptable to the climate (summer flowers for summer weddings, etc). When you pick florals that may not suit the weather, you won’t be able to reuse them for your bridal bouquets, which is another great way of saving some extra money.

Expensive wholesale imported florals like tulips and peonies may not survive at a summer wedding that has a lot of humidity, so they will wilt before you can even be pronounced married! At the end of the day, the maximum lifetime of florals for a wedding is a couple of hours, so you don’t want to pick an arrangement that may wilt away in a lesser amount of time! Instead of spending so much money on your florals, pick your florals wisely.

Pink and White Garlands Varmala Wedding Garland, Packaging Size: 2 In One Pack, Rs 3000/piece | ID: 24880742991

One For The Saath Pheras

Flower garlands come in many different varieties and the choices are endless. You can have a heavy flower garland or a minimal one depending on the theme of your wedding. But one smart way of cutting down on your floral budget is to use the same florals for your mandap décor as well as the flower garland. You can purchase wholesale flowers and save a huge dime!

If you don’t wish to have the same type of florals or marriage decoration as well as garlands, you can instead use it around the venue, decorate the reception area or entrance, and pick different flowers for the mandap. But purchasing them in bulk is a very smart solution to all your budget issues.

Once you have set a budget for your florals, contact Melting Flowers to breathe life into your beautiful floral ideas.

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