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I have seen at many weddings that people do their engagement in a very simple way. Either they just do it in their homes with a moderate decoration or use the same wedding decor. They just set up a stage and seating arrangement. The decor theme is that of the wedding. No extras. Why is it so/ in this blog, we will get this extra. We are going to talk in detail about the engagement decor plan. I am going to tell you step by step what you should do to make your engagement decor shine just like the wedding decor. Let’s begin.


Card Decoration

Get a big card and get some of the best and cutest lines were written on it. Put it on the stage. Do not paste it anywhere. Just put it in the stand. Whatever you are choosing for the card, get the same for its background. For example, if you are printing white flowers as background on the card, get some white flowers too. Use them as a background of the card. Place all these things in a corner. It should be seen from every corner of the wedding. The word engagement and name of the couple are must in the card.


Floral Decor

This decor will work if you are having a small stage. When the stage is small we get the liberty to work creatively at our best. Decorating a large space often makes wedding planners run out of ideas and creativity but with small, we can do wonders. Get small sized stage. Decorate the whole backdrop with flowers. You can decorate it in many ways. Either you can use flowers as a background or a mandap pattern. One more way is to create a pattern or shape with flowers and put it behind the seating of the couple. One more thing to note is that whatever color you choose for the flower, use the same color for your seating as well.



You can hang anything. Leaves, flowers, or lanterns whatever you want. The main idea is to get something hanging behind the seating of the couple. Try to get something glowing enough to catch everyone’s attention. Something shiny is required here. You can have golden or solver flowers. Some artificial hangings are specifically made for decoration purposes. You can have those as well. Important thing is that when you opt for shiny hangings, there are chances it may shine too much. Keep an eye on that. Also, keep an appropriate distance between the hangings and the seating so that you don’t get uncomfortable. Create a boundary around the hangings as it will bring focus to them and will make them glow.



If you having your engagement in an outdoor venue and the evening, then this is the best idea. Just read the next lines carefully. Firstly choose the quote and then get them in neon lights. Whatever color you choose for the quote, it should get highlighted. That means the background color should not overshadow it. In this, the color of the quote is important, because engagement decor is about that quote only. So give priority to the color of the quote.


Just like hangings, get a boundary around the quote. The color should be similar. In this way, your main color, quote, and everything will get highlighted. The quote will get more focus than the boundary irrespective of being in the same color due to the presence of neon lights. So do not forget to have them. They will shine themselves and make your engagement decor shine even more. 



Many people are still there who prioritize each of their wedding ceremonies. Those people can take an idea from our blog. The ones who do not belong to that category, get ideas from here and do the required work. That is, nail your engagement decor.


It is better to have decorators to do the job so that we can enjoy the wedding. We are making sure you enjoy your wedding as we are providing you with the finest event decorators, Melting Flowers. Once we get to work, you would not need to look for decor work, we will manage everything. So do check us out to remain stress-free in your special ceremonies.

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