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Budget-Friendly Wedding Venues

Budget-Friendly Wedding Venues

Money is everything. We all will agree with this fact. You cannot get your desires without it. We all have various dreams and desires when it comes to our wedding. To fulfill all this, we would require a handsome amount of money. If we could not arrange it, get ready to adjust to your wedding. In this blog, we will try to at least provide you with some budget-friendly wedding venues so that you don’t have to compromise much on at least one thing.


In this blog, we will discuss various places across India where you can have the wedding of your dreams that too under an affordable budget. Get ready to witness budget-friendly venues for your destination wedding.


Pride Sun Village, Goa

Goa has a resort named Pride Sun Village that gives you your favorite and lovely place as your wedding destination i.e. Goa. The resort is a complete mixture of comfort and leisure. There is a spa, swimming pool, gym, and every other facility. Around 130 rooms are available there, and those rooms are super luxurious. So for your guests, there won’t be any trouble regarding the accommodation. They also include food in their package. Food varieties may differ depending upon the packages. 


Bhairavgarh, Udaipur

Talking about weddings and not including Rajasthan, I don’t think that is ever going to happen. Rajasthan has a different kind of charm, all thanks to the presence of various super beautiful forts. These forts are now turned into resorts that have the potential to host memorable weddings. Udaipur has many resorts and one of them is Bhairavgarh. Situated around the greenery with some elevation, this resort is equipped with around 70 rooms. It offers various facilities like a pool and a large lawn area for hosting other wedding ceremonies.


Marugarh Resort, Jodhpur

Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Jaipur add some more cities of Rajasthan that you might know because I bet all have a pretty good amount of resorts.  The Marugarh Resort of Jodhpur is best for weddings with a limited guest list. It has only 50 rooms but the facilities are of the next level. Especially the food, they offer varieties of cuisine to choose from. So if you are looking for a luxurious wedding with a limited set of guests, this wedding destination is best for your dream wedding.


Cambay Resort Kukas, Jaipur

Please do not blame me for including every other city in Rajasthan, but it is not my fault that every best resort is situated there. Now it is Jaipur’s turn to offer its services through Cambay Resort Kukas. The resort gives a grandeur look from the outside and when it gets lightened up, the look is eye-pleasing. It has got 100 super deluxe rooms which means you do not have to limit your guest lists. It offers almost every event of a wedding, from pre-wedding celebrations to post, it has expertise in all of them. Know for its hospitality, its priority is always known to be guest’s comfort.


Manu Maharani, Corbett

Ah! Finally, destinations other than the cities of Rajasthan. Manu Maharani is a popular destination for weddings situated in Nainital. Right, it is in Nainital. What else do you want? Getting the best view. This wedding venue is perfect for those who want to get away from the metro city life and have their most special moment of life in a relaxing environment. The guests will be super happy as they will get to visit the beautiful city. It has around 50 rooms so I am afraid not every guest of yours will get that privilege of visiting Nainital. But your wedding will be the best, that’s for sure.



To all those who couldn’t afford expensive wedding destinations, it’s okay guys. It’s alright. What matters is your wedding, not the way you do it. Make sure you have the best partner, the rest doesn’t matter. Yes if you could afford these destinations and looking for more, stay alert as we will be back with some more budget-friendly wedding destinations. Among all these destinations do not forget to visit Melting Flowers, for any kind of decor works. We have expertise in almost every kind of event whether it’s pre-wedding or wedding or any other.


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