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Unique Pathway Decorations For Weddings

Unique Pathway Decorations For Weddings

Gear up for your wedding with the best flower decorators to ease your wedding preparations with stunning decorations to help you come a step closer to your dream wedding. Be it the main wedding function or the pre-wedding events, while decorating the venue, it should be kept in mind that a balance is maintained in various parts of the venue by adorning them in proportion and making it so that they come together in a unified manner. This calls for special attention to be paid to areas other than stages and entrances that might not be the pivotal places but are just as well in the view of all your guests. The following are some wedding decor ideas for pathways and corridors to ensure that no corner of your wedding venue is left barren.


This pristine decor is a neat arrangement of bouquets of flowers mounted on stands at regular intervals and interconnected by drapes.


flower and drapes pathway decor


This gorgeous flower decoration is made of strings of a variety of flowers on one side and a floral pattern snaking up the length of the pathway made with petals. Lush lotus blooms are mounted on stands and adorned with strings of jasmine.


floral arrangement for pathway


A simple way to adorn pathways, galleries or bridges in open venues is with the help of string lights on both sides. Ornate lanterns can be placed on the floor as well.


string lights decor


The pathway here on the side of the hall is riveting indeed with crystal adornments on both sides. Glossy drapes are also added to the decor with floral clusters adorning the sides and pomanders hanging from the center.


pathway crystal decor


For garden venues that abound in greenery and leave barely any space to place decorative additions, the best way of adorning them is with plethora of lights. Wrap string lights all along the trunks and branches and have them cascading downwards for a scintillating appearance.


outdoor light decoration


A flamboyant decoration to match the Indian wedding spirit, this one has a stellar drapes decoration covering the top of the passage. The front is adorned liberally with florals and the sides with sequined strings and leafy vines. Truly resplendent with lanterns included, this is a cynosure for all eyes.


pathway flower and drapes decor


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