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Have A Fairy Tale Wedding With Majestic Wedding Décor

Have A Fairy Tale Wedding With Majestic Wedding Décor

If you are a fan of Cinderella endings and modern fairy tales, you are in the right place! Majestic wedding décor is not uncommon at Indian weddings. We have seen majestic displays of architecture used in wedding décor, as well as grand floral arrangements.

But if you want to take a page out of fairy tales, these wedding themes and elements are spectacular. And you must give them a chance! After all, your happily ever after is just one magical snap away!

Take a look at some of these décor ideas that are heavily inspired by fairy tales. You can also take a pick based on your favorite fairy tale, be it Pocahontas or Sleeping Beauty.

The Essence Of Pink

Whether it is Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora or one of Cinderella’s many lavish dresses, pink is a significant theme in many fairy tale stories. Pink themes are very popular and easy to incorporate at weddings. If you are looking to use natural settings as backdrops, pink florals and the gorgeous beach waves are simply meant to be!

When you are having a wedding by the water, why not pick some water blooms for your floral arrangements, instead of the same old roses and marigolds? Lotus is a lovely pond water flower that looks great in every element. Take a look at this beautiful seaside mandap. Not only have they used lotus flowers in the mandap, but the flowers are also arranged to create a mandap similar to Lotus blooms. This flower decoration for wedding is a fantastic idea, isn’t it?

There is nothing that says regal like an intimate beachside wedding. After all, you don’t necessarily have to go all out to have a fairytale-like wedding!

Disneyland For The Win

What says fairy tales more than the grand Disneyland theme parks? Disneyland theme parks all around the world are a sight to behold for children and adults alike. Everyone has their favorite set o cartoon characters that they wish to get clicked with.

If you are planning a destination wedding, why not take it to the land of magical beginnings? Imagine a gorgeous wedding snap in front of the majestic Disneyland palace, amongst a sea of clouds. It cannot get better than this!


If you are a fan of fairy tale stories, you have a decent idea of how forests play a huge role in many of them. The forest and cottage core aesthetic are right on top of the list for magical weddings. Now it is tough to get married in a forest, especially in cities, but you can recreate the vibe under one giant magical tree!

Deck up the tree with strings of fairy lights and have an intimate wedding ceremony underneath the tree. You can build a small mandap under it too. You can have the wedding right before sunset so that the natural golden hues and the vibrant fairy lights will match together to provide the perfect wedding snap. This magical set-up is very nature-centric and does not require a lot of outdoor wedding decoration, since the natural setting provides for it.

Architectural Core

Old architecture is magical. While Indian architecture may not align with the traditional fairy tale style, old palaces, forts or Havelis are a great backdrop to hold wedding ceremonies. You will instantly fall in love with the age-old ruins that the country has to offer. Make sure you hold the wedding ceremonies in a place where the architecture acts as a natural backdrop.

You can have a grand décor plan or a simple one. Either way, your wedding will look grand due to the location. Don’t miss out on having a wedding ceremony with a historical charm especially as India is rich with heritage and culture!

Real-Life Cinderella

Weddings are a lot about the wedding décor, but why not add a little twist with an amazing entrance for the bride and groom? Have a magical entrance on a glass pumpkin carriage with splendid white horses. With ‘Prince Charming’ by your side, there is no question of how magical this moment shall be when it is captured for eternity!

Indian weddings are naturally grand and extravagant, but adding a mystic charm is sure to add grandiose to your wedding. You can contact Melting Flowers for all your wedding decorations.

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