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Wedding Theme That Needs Your Attention

Wedding Theme That Needs Your Attention

Many of us prefer to have a normal wedding. I mean it is not like we don’t want to try something new, it is just that we are afraid of what will happen if it turns out bad. We don’t want to take risks on the most important day of our life. But some people are ready to take risks and try something new, so this blog is tailor-made for you guys. We are presenting some mind-blowing wedding themes for you guys so that you will have plenty of options in your pocket when deciding on your wedding theme.



Whenever we say the word classic, what comes to your mind? In my mind, the very first thing that comes is the decency in color. That means not going for bold colors, instead opting for light colors. And the same thing should come to your mind as well. Colors like light blue, grey, and light pink are known for classiness and elegance. Choose these colors as your wedding theme. The outfits and every other thing related to wedding decor should be sober. Overall the whole wedding should be simple and beautiful.



This subheading is just the opposite of the classic one. Do not worry we are not ending it here with just a comparison, we are going to give you a complete description of the bohemian theme of the wedding. The whole wedding should have colors, not so many but it should have a little bit more than just some colors. The wedding decor should be colorful, use colors like red, pink, yellow, and green. Everything should have something creative in them. In simple words, things should not be simple, they should have some creative efforts. Bohemian outfits are known for having patterns or designs. Everything from wedding decor to props should have that enthusiasm and energy.



Glam, it stands for glamour! Our movie industry is the perfect example of this. Their wedding is nothing less than a grand glamorous event. From outfits to wedding decor everything is just outstanding. All the stuff deserves full attention. Apply this same mantra to your wedding when opting for the glam wedding theme. The wedding should be a luxurious event. The guest should be served a variety of foods. Have a great arrangement for their meals. The decor should have huge chandeliers.

Everything should look royal and have a luxury touch. The wedding outfit should not be very simple, it should have the potential of grabbing everyone’s attention. The pre and post-wedding parties should reflect the same. Choose a wedding venue that reflects the glamour. Dream wedding theme!



From the name itself, it is clear that this wedding theme is about green flora. In more specific terms, you can call it a wedding giving some garden vibes. Let’s start with the invitation, it should have a floral touch. Opt for wedding designs with floral patterns or put some flowers on the invitations. The table decor props should have centerpieces made up of flora. The wedding decoration and outfits should have the inspiration from botanical culture. The chandelier can have a touch of flowers as well (opt for a floral chandelier). The wedding venue should obviously be a garden.


Overall this wedding theme should have a garden touch. By the name green, it doesn’t mean you have only a green color, it means to have some garden and floral vibes. Although our suggestion will be to create your whole wedding around green flora.



Choose whatever year you want, and then go accordingly. You have two options: either simply follow the wedding styles of these years by going through some samples or pick some of the best things of those years and then use them in your wedding. Suppose you can pick the most trending crockery set of the 60s. Similarly, you can opt for a wedding outfit inspired by styles of the 60s.

In any case, if you are finding it difficult, visit some popular weddings of the 60s and recreate them. Add some of your touches as well or just completely follow it. Choose the year wisely, it should look vintage, not awful!



That’s it for now. We know many of you guys want some more ideas and we will surely come up with some more. Till then, work on these ideas and get the best wedding. Irrespective of the theme, you will surely require a wedding theme decorator to help you out in crunch situations. The best one to fulfill this need is us, Melting Flowers. Do visit us.


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