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Ceiling Décor To Add An Extra Oomph To Your Wedding

Ceiling Décor To Add An Extra Oomph To Your Wedding

There are a lot of smaller elements that come together to put up a beautiful wedding. Indian wedding décor is all about the minute details, whether you put up some minimalistic décor or a grand décor. There is a lot of attention to detail on the theme for the wedding. All the décor elements revolve around the theme.

The one area that gets a lot of attention is the ceiling. With millennial weddings focusing heavily on themes, your décor elements tend to get repetitive. Millennial couples are thus looking for fresh and innovative elements for their ceiling décor.

Get your wedding decorations right by grabbing some inspiration for your ceiling décor.


Hanging Lemons and Green Leaves

Looking for some overhead décor for your outdoor wedding decoration? There are no better elements you can use than natural settings! The vibrant color and freshness of this setting are perfect for your pre-wedding ceremonies, such as the Mehendi ceremony.

While lemons, green leaves, and sunflowers provide a fresh aura to the ceremony, they also symbolize happiness, loyalty, and undying love. This theme is perfect for any wedding. It will make your Mehendi ceremony brighter by a mile. This outdoor setup seems right out of a fairy tale story!

A Touch of Elegance

Who wouldn’t love a dreamy set-up for the dining area? If you wish to go forward with a Bohemian vibe for your wedding, this décor style is perfect for you. It’s very simple as well. You need high chandeliers for the ceiling, with a hint of pastel blooms to complete the dreamy look for the wedding.

This décor style looks great with floral décor around the table. But make sure you match the floral bloom so they look great once paired together.


Colorful Tassels

While your wedding reception and mandap ceremony are usually a bit refined and on the elegant side, you can bring all your creativity to your pre-wedding ceremonies. The Mehendi ceremony is usually vibrant and full of color. So, you can try out various décor themes before you settle on one.

While a multi-colored theme for the Mehendi ceremony looks gorgeous, this orange and pink theme takes you back to the roots. You can alternate your seating arrangements with orange and pink sofas and cushions. You can create an ideal ceiling by using pink and orange drapes to make a tented area around the seating arrangements. Some colorful thread tassels spread out over the entire area are just the perfect little elements that you need to brighten up the entire ceremony.


An Auspicious Affair

Traditional Hindu weddings are very auspicious and they have a sacred ceremony to complete the wedding. So, you can incorporate this in the mandap ceremony by suspending mandir bells from the ceilings. You can pair this with small pieces of fabrics that have Sanskrit Shlokas written on them. This type of décor is one of its kind and brings you back to your religious roots.

A Dreamy Sky

Whether it is your wedding reception or the engagement ceremony, the décor for both these events is always a bit extra. People love going all out for these big ceremonies. So if you are looking for something fancy, this is the perfect décor option for you.

You can construct the essence of a cloudy sky by using net fabric for decorating the ceiling. This fabric, paired with lights and glittering hangings? It is a dream come true! This is exactly the grand and regal décor that makes your wedding reception the one people can’t forget for the next couple of months!


Fabric Jhallars

Grab a look at this gorgeous overhead décor for an intimate wedding function. These yellow block print fabric jhallars are the perfect ceiling décor. When you pair it with yellow drapes and strings of marigold, this also makes the perfect décor for a close-knitted Haldi ceremony.

Fringed Streamers

If you are looking to add some quirky elements for the ceiling, there is nothing better than colorful fringed paper streamers for the Mehendi ceremony. This décor element is perfect for a summer wedding. It looks great under the sun and blocks the sunlight. It truly brings life to the party!

Let us know which ceiling décor idea is your favorite. We are the most trusted wedding decorators for weddings in Bangalore, so make sure to contact us.

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