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Quirky Backdrop Ideas That You Should Never Miss

Quirky Backdrop Ideas That You Should Never Miss

You can not deny the fact that as you enter a wedding, your eyes look around for the ravishing décor. Whether it is the lights, the seating set up, mandap or the main stage. Everything is made to look just like a fairy-tale. And like any other décor, quirky backdrops are such a beguiling part of the wedding. The wedding backdrops are nothing but artsy walls created with whimsical props like flowers, craft papers, mesh, fairy lights and drapes.

Wedding backdrops fits your budget well and are the easiest amongst the whole décor. The best part is you can use these backdrops behind the main stage, at the entrance or just anywhere for people to enjoy it and click some photographs too. These adds an element of fun in the whole look and jazz up the place for fun photos.

wedding backdrop

So, before you go ahead and plan your quirky backdrop, let’s have a look at some of the trending ideas too!

Simple Yet Eccentric Prints

The printed backdrops are such a fancy thing now. It started with printed floors and now we see large printed backdrops in various functions. These eye-pleasing backdrops are everything from simple and sober to poppy and quirky.

Glow With Neon’s

There is plethora of ways you can use the neon’s in a decoration. However, the best ways are to pop the neon through a backdrop. And you will see the backdrop becoming the favorite place for all your guests. Do not forget to include a neon light sign on your backdrop to complete the look.

neon backdrop

Shimmer It Up With The Tassels

For a mesmerizing experience decorate your backdrop with the shimmering tassels. If you plan your function in an open space, the sunlight will do wonders to the shimmering tassels. Even the wind in the nature will keep the tassels flowing through your backdrop. This would make the backdrop attractive and the best suited for your guests’ photos as well.

Monochrome Floral Backdrop

Here we bring for you a monochrome wall filled with floral decoration like the peonies, roses and gardenias. This gorgeous assortment looks wonderful with the added dramatic lights from below and brings the whole set-up to life. Imagine your dress up against the wall as a backdrop and how wonderful the contrast will look. Make sure while you choose your outfit colour, it should not blend in with the colour of your décor.

floral wedding backdrop

Candles With Ombre Floral Wall

If you want to experience the best of both the worlds that is light and subtleness then choose floral décor with candles set-up. To your surprise, it is the best combination for the year 2022, when our focus is on small and intimate wedding decors. Create an ombre effect on the floral walls by choosing the bright reds and light pinks, these colors match the functions spirits. And just to add the icing on the cake, get your ceiling covered with floral hangings too.

Magical Fairy Lights And Bulbs

There is nothing more magical than a glimmering backdrop made with the fairy lights and bulbs. Especially for the night events adorn them with some floral arrangements and get a rustic yet modern vibe with it. This backdrop suits all your outfit colors and even enhance their appearance through the shine.

Choose From Our Whimsical Backdrop Ideas

We cannot stop obsessing over the varieties and options that our backdrop offers. But we can be sure of delivering the best and the most beautiful backdrop pieces. Don’t forget to choose your wedding décor according to the time of wedding. A day wedding requires a different kind of attention as the night wedding. Get your outfit colors decided keeping in mind the décor combinations so that your outfit stands out and your décor compliments it too.

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