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Importance Of Magical Ceiling Decor Ideas To Ace Your Wedding Decor

Importance Of Magical Ceiling Decor Ideas To Ace Your Wedding Decor

We have talked about a lot of wedding decors however what remains our concern is the décor for ceilings. Be it for the stage, bar or the whole mandap look, the ceiling décor plays a very important role for all the decorations. The light setup, the colors to be used what props should be paired, is our focus when we talk about ceiling décor. Not only they play a supreme role but they are necessary to set a tone of the event.

From haldi, mehndi, wedding ceremony go all out with your ceiling decorations. Make your special day count, and enjoy the magnificent and royal touch that the ceiling decors brings with them. You can choose flowers, fairy lights, lanterns, chandeliers from small to vast ones, the list is endless and so are our customization. Some of the ideas are listed below designed specially for you and your day. These ideas will help you find the importance of a ceiling décor to ace your wedding décor.

ceiling decor

Chandeliers- They Make The Event Look Grand

Let’s start with the old but highly recommended ceiling decoration. The chandeliers are so grand and exquisite that they stand the best chance of hitting the right tone. You can go all quirky with them and get yourself some customized chandeliers. The best wedding prop, these chandeliers can be decorated with the real flowers too in order to keep the traditional feeling alive. There are many ways to use a chandelier and make them the showstoppers of the event.

Mogra & Marigold Combo- Adds To The Colours

Don’t miss the perfect combo of mogra and marigold flowers for your pre-wedding shoots or haldi ceremony. They look the best when used as a fall ceiling décor with a backdrop too. The flower combinations look quirky and attract people for clicking stunning photographs.

fairy lights decor

Ball Lanterns- To Make Your Fairy Tale Complete

Lanterns are available in all shapes and sizes, use them for antique decorations. These are the best stage props on the stage ceiling. Add some festoon lights and flowers to give it a complete contemporary makeover.

Bells & Ribbons-Makes Your Decor Simple And Chic

This fancy addition to your décor is a fantastic one in day events. For an outdoor venue the bells and ribbons hanging above you as a roof is such a wonderful sight to look for. The bells jiggle whenever wind passes them and creates a soothing music in itself.

Ceiling Draping- Completes Your Decor

The most classic and traditional way of decorating your ceiling are long satin drapes that accentuates the vibe of the event. Now, they come in different varieties such as organza, shimmer or even silk. You can set a contrast with them and other wedding props or only use them on the ceiling with flower chandeliers or fairy lights.

floral decor
floral decor

Florals-All-Time Favorite Choice

Florals have always been a big thing for all auspicious moments. This is the best time to choose your favorite flowers to personalize your wedding and declare it a nature-inspired theme. You can use bunch of flowers to create a ceiling décor or use hanging flowers mixed with some fairy lights to give it a twinkling look.

Go With Such Eccentric Decors To Light Up Your Event

In the end, the ceilings are like a blank canvas for us. Decorate it with radiant lighting, lush floral, wonderful fabric. A beautifully designed ceiling will elevate the whole décor and take it to the next level. Therefore, be careful while choosing the ceiling props and wedding décor.

There are options ranging from the subtle tones to the pompous ones. Choose the ones that fits your fairy tale well or contact us for arranging one for you.

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