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Decor ideas for a dreamy proposal

Decor ideas for a dreamy proposal

Proposing is not at all easy when it comes to the pressure of making it the most important moment of your life. These memories will be cherished forever so you need to focus on the decorations, themes and of course the location where you want to propose. It may seem a bit overwhelming because you want to surprise your better-half with something next to perfection. Be it a private or an elaborate affair, this blog will help you to find the right theme, venue and the decorations that is setup for success and will guarantee you a ‘yes’!


By the lake


If you want to go above and beyond, a beautiful spot with an elegant decor by the lake is what you are looking for. The decor can include simplistic floral decoration in a wooden frame along with some candles or fairy lights for that matter. You can set up a dinner table in the middle and enjoy a candle light dinner with your future life partner. Just try to keep the decor minimalistic so that the main hero of the show is the scenic backdrop and the beauty it entails. Don’t forget to keep a cardigan or a shawl in case it gets a little cold at the venue.

Floral charm


This is a tried and tested decor idea as it is pretty common. But ordinary doesn’t mean it’s not gorgeous. Pick the perfect flowers and make sure they are arranged appropriately as it is all about the execution. For that make sure to get in touch with the best flower decorator in India as the flower decorations will bring the old school romance vibe to the whole ambience. When it comes to the backdrop, a floral wreath will do the trick. It will look like a fairytale when it will all come together.

A path leading to the proposal area or the aisle can also be laid out with the help of flower petals and it can be bordered with trusty old candles. Voila! A piece of heaven is ready.


Amidst the woods!


This is for all nature and adventure lovers. You can pretend to go on a hike and bring your partner in the midst of woods totally catching them off the guard. This will definitely keep the surprise element intact and the setup at an unconventional venue is so unique and fun. You can set a beautiful camp with the help of trees or just pick a corner and decorate the trees with lanterns and lights.

Don’t forget to scatter some candles on the floor to add more luminance. Again, if you choose such a venue make sure to carry some warm clothing so you are able to enjoy the whole experience comfortably.


Inspired by the sea


Now the beach is where most of the couples want to spend such a special moment of their life. But how to add some spice to a classic theme like this? Well! To start off- get inspired by the gorgeous sea and the lovely scenery and try to incorporate them with the help of decoration props. For example, a beautiful backdrop adorned with seashell garlands and artificial pearls.

You can also create a canopy with the help of white sheets or drapes and use candles and starfish to fill the area and how about a seashell tiara for your bride to be?  Sounds magical, right! If you are using lanterns, fill them with extra seashells and pearls.


A Romantic picnic


This may seem a little simple but simplicity never goes out of fashion. A picnic set up is a very fun and affordable way to propose the love of your life. Plan it in the season of spring or fall at a lush green garden in order to enjoy nature in its best seasons. Add your partner’s favorite color schemes in flower decorations and the sheets but if you just want a simple picnic,  a bouquet of your partner’s favorite flowers will be enough.

Don’t forget the food as that is the best part of any picnic. Pack your partner’s all time favorite foods and maybe hide the ring in the food if you want to keep the suspense intact till the last minute.


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