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Mandap Stage Decorations That Speak Floral Decadence

Mandap Stage Decorations That Speak Floral Decadence

Tying the knot in the near future? Why not give your guests a show they’ll remember for years down the line? Absolute floral flamboyance that’ll transport you straight into a magical realm is sure to beautifully frame your wedding celebration. Elevate your floral wedding decor with these exuberant mandap stage designs with the best flower decorators at your service.


This is taking the traditional marigold themed decoration a few levels higher and creating a gorgeous symphony with some contemporary additions. The cascading yellow and white blooms are a pure delight together while the gorgeous daisies and baby’s breath provide a captivating contrast outlining the top of this mandap decoration. The ornate golden pillars and a matching engraved background add to the opulent feel.


floral garland decoration
Image credit: Pinterest


Tropical themed decorations are a big hit in the wedding scene. Experiment with this style in setting up a mandap display that unites drapes and flowers in rich, vibrant colors. The curving wooden branches and decorative lanterns serve as unique embellishments that give this tropical look a more elegant and modern appeal.


tropical mandap decor
Image credit: PartySlate


Ideal for a day wedding, this mandap is a sight to behold. The light and cheerful color palette of the flower decoration gives a fancy feel and blends wonderfully with the greener counterparts of the setup. The chandelier in the center is also an equally leafy affair.


pastel mandap decoration
Image credit:


A delightful floral jungle, this mandap artfully blends an array of botanical adornments in a whimsical manner. Other than the obviously impressive variety of florals, what also contributes to the distinct vibe here is the intricately layered texture, feathery and voluminous. 


floral mandap stage decor
Image credit: Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong


This lovely mandap canopy is a comfortable seating arrangement, adorned with hanging lanterns glimmering overhead and a host of multicolored blooms sheathing the pillar supports of the structure.


vibrant floral mandap decor
Image credit: Pinterest


This circular mandap goes for a nude skeletal structure with only floral accents. What’s even more riveting, however, the two peacock floral sculptures flanking the staircase and adding a touch of grandeur.


floral peacock sculpture
Image credit: EVENTFAQs


Making use of a plethora of dainty blooms in intriguing fluorescent hues, this mandap achieves more with less. The ornate golden seats are in lovely contrast with the showy colors.


fuorescent floral decoration
Image credit: ShaadiSaga

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