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Impressive Swing Decorations For Mehendi Arrangements

Impressive Swing Decorations For Mehendi Arrangements

Indian weddings are a grand celebrations, a festival for family and friends. The fun that ensues is the most prominently depicted by the pre-wedding functions on the bride’s side. Events like mehendi and haldi are an occasion of female bonding, emphasizing the ritualistic significance if not just marriages but community gatherings. 

It is only fair that wedding decorations and preparations also take due note of these functions and create a suitable cheerful and vibrant setup to put everyone in the mood for the party. As bubbly, colorful wedding decor is the trend here, we bring to you some inspiration with these beautifully adorned swing sets to contribute to your seating plans for the day (and night).


An elegant and contemporary setup, this swing set is minimally adorned with light flowers and the rest of the embellishments are part of the backdrop. Equally enrapturing, it’s a dainty floral veil lit with silver disco balls and given a dash of color with purple florals. The other one strikes a balance between delicate pastels and the exuberance of colors, birthing a soft yet lively flower decoration palette that will surely make head turns.



This classy décor combines marigolds and jasmines, the traditional bridal blooms in some bright shades. The colors stand out against the caramel brown wood frame of the swing set and appear charming in their simplicity.


garland decorated swing


For ethnic savvy brides, here are a few more decked up swings to look at. The first one combines drapes decoration with showy florals against the already ornate base, appearing truly bold and elegant. The one adjacent to it is an even more intricately carved swing structure that is lit up beautifully with pendant white carnations, lush and dreamy.



The usual marigold decor receives a modern makeover here with some vibrant and exotic floral additions, each one alluring in their own right. The swing set is a feast for the eyes and the colorful cushions truly amplify the quirky and trendy vibe. 


traditional floral decoration
Image credit: Pinterest

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