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Ideas For LIT Wedding Decoration

Ideas For LIT Wedding Decoration

Glimmering lights, reflecting the starry night sky above, are part of the most desired wedding aesthetic. As much as they are required and cannot be looked over, lights are also a style statement. From the colors and intensity to the type of lighting fixtures used, traditional or modern, every choice affects the ambiance of the wedding venue and is vital to the completion of the marriage decoration. We bring to you some chic and creative ideas that are very lit and will blend in with the rest of your wedding decoration along with illuminating the place.


A stunningly ornate entrance to a garden party, this intimate setup is quite eclectic. The shimmery and metallic detailing of candelabras, crystal adornments, flowers and candles is juxtaposed with the more casual and charming pathway decoration that makes use of woodsy arches with fairy lights that look like fireflies caught up amidst the branches.


garden entrance decoration


Now, this delightful mesh of flowers and lights is bound to intrigue any onlooker. A stunning choice for entrance decoration, the softly glowing lights and white flowers form a checkered pattern that looks very contemporary.


light mesh decoration


A slight alteration of the above pattern, this simplified decoration with lush flower decoration and light bulbs holds a rustic charm.


flower and bulb decoration


This gorgeous table adornment with crystals and hanging candles in tiny glass containers is a sight to behold. Such elegant marriage decoration will amaze your guests and contribute to the aesthetics of your banquet hall. This is the perfect example of how candles and diyas can be creatively employed in contemporary settings as well, without looking out of place.


crystal centerpiece decoration


Infuse life into the seating arrangement for your guests with these delightful table centerpiece adornments. A rustic setup with florals and candle bars placed on a wooden log have an undeniable charm that is perfect for a daytime event or brunch settings. For a more flamboyant and decorative look, opt for a shiny metallic candelabra laden with flowers.



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