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Decoration Ideas For Mandap And Reception Stages

Decoration Ideas For Mandap And Reception Stages

Stage decoration is an important component of wedding decor, being a key component of most functions and ceremonies such as the jaimala, the phere, reception, etc. It needs special attention so as to be able to have all the attendees enraptured and hooked on the proceedings happening onstage. Here are some decoration ideas to take a cue from.


This luminous stage is a gorgeous setting for an outdoor wedding venue. With gauzy drapes and lights in similar color, the whole setup glows beautifully. The hanging floral vines from the top are a classy addition to this neat decor.

simple outdoor stage decor


Framed in thick and colorful florals, this outdoor stage is every bit alluring with the pristine white backdrop and dainty chandeliers. The light color palette makes it look radiant and chic. Crystal candelabras placed on the steps complement the wedding stage decoration.


flower decor for outdoor stage


This stage has been built under a traditional wooden canopy that has been given a contemporary look with the fancy flower decoration. The backdrop is studded with blossoms and outlined with floral vines as well. Various light fixtures such as the pair of chandeliers on the stage, one in the center and string lights suspended from the sides increase the charm.


stage flower decoration


Elegantly traditional, this classy mandap decoration makes use of flower garlands in complementary shades of red and white and drapes. A backdrop is adorned with a floral silhouette of Lord Ganesha. The canopy is veiled in orange drapes lined with strings f jasmine and flowers pendant from the center.


traditional mandap decor


This finely engraved wooden canopy in the midst of lush greenery looks no less than a dream on its own. Adorned with light-colored drapes and ample floral garlands and string lights, it glows in a suave manner and makes for an ideal mandap stage.


flower garland mandap decor


This pastel-themed decoration looks lovely and blends in with the smart interior of the hall. Thick floral runners encircle the pillars and outline the upper frame while strings of them are suspended from the top in what makes for a fairly enchanting mandap.


mandap flower decor


Just the right bit of flamboyant, this stage is decorated with artsy mesh structures studded with florals. Blending in with the rest of the vibrant decoration and lighting, the stage looks magnificent in white and gold.


wedding stage decor


This outdoor reception stage has been designed for comfort for the married couple to sit through the hours. The backdrop is creatively decorated with floral additions. The mellow lighting and the fairy lights on top help build up a tranquil ambiance.


outdoor reception stage decor


This is a marvelous piece of drapes decoration in pretty pinks and whites. Complete with a big floral wreath placed centrally and lined with flower vases, this stage is absolutely mesmerizing.


flower and drapes stage decor


Step up on your artistry with this riveting stage decoration that uses flowers in multiple ways. The backdrop is made of drapes and engraved frames lined along. Towards the front is a patch of flowers with jars placed on them that lend a quaint touch to the decor.


flower decor for reception stage

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