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Pretty Pastels For A Princess Wedding

Pretty Pastels For A Princess Wedding

Pastels are a family of soft and classy colors like light pink and blue, lavender, white etc. that appeal to the eyes as calming. If you aren’t a fan of flashy wedding decorations and wish for something subtle and soothing, this color palette is for you. What’s more, if the flower and drapes decoration is amalgamated right, the look is often sophisticated and elegant, akin to regal and well suited for a princess themed wedding.

This ornamented stage decor consists of dainty chandeliers, arched florals on both sides and a peach pink faux floral wall. The decoration complements the interior of this hall venue and is ideal for a wedding reception.

elegant wedding stage decoration mysore


Pristine draped canopies arranged in clusters against a white backdrop adorned with string lights and leafy vines make for this riveting marriage decoration for you to host your guests for pre-wedding events.


Drapes Decoration For Wedding


The stellar combination of white on white is simply charming. The white florals and chandeliers against a light backdrop go well together in what would make for great reception stage decor.


rustic wedding stage decoration chennai


This colorful pastel mandap setup looks delightful. With soft drapes and strings of florals and studded with a variety of fresh blooms, it creatively blends different textures and elements.


pastel mandap decoration bangalore


This pale floral stage decor is complemented by lighting to match, The addition of chandeliers, candles and lanterns lends a whimsical charm to it.


white floral stage decoration bangalore


This mesmerizing stage comprises white drapes and liberal flower decoration. The crystal chandeliers and lighting are of much importance in building up the enchanting ambiance.


drape and flower stage decoration chennai


The bedazzling pink of this stage backdrop glows with the mellow lighting. The resplendent setup is accentuated by the lively greens of the floral bouquets.


Pink Flower Wedding Stage Decoration Mysore


Luscious and thick floral runners are used to adorn this elegant wedding stage backdrop that looks like a dream in the pale lighting, adorned with candelabras.


Wedding stage Decoration Chennai

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