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How To Plan A Budget Wedding

How To Plan A Budget Wedding

The special day you tie the knot deserves decidedly the best and utmost care. This, however, does not mean resorting to what is most expensive but finding the right balance between where to shell out more money and where to save. It is, after all, the thought that counts. Here is a guide to the essentials of planning a budget wedding and taking special care in the wedding decor such that it looks beautiful without needing to be opulent.


The imperative first step is choosing the venue for the ceremony. Some like to go for different ones for each of the functions. A certainly wiser way would be to combine two or more pre-wedding functions on the same day so that you can save on the decor and the rent for another day. And since these ceremonies before the main day are generally intimate gatherings, choose a place accordingly or keep it in your own garden, if possible.


marigold mandap decoration


It might be quite possible that you’ve rented a single venue for a couple of days for everything to happen there itself. In that case, it is better to look for one that is equipped with both a banquet hall and an open area. Let the marriage decoration be such that it can completely transform the appearance of your venue from one function to the next.


draped entrance decoration


Let your wedding decoration be both decorative and functional. If it is an outdoor wedding venue, adorn it with plenty of light decoratives such as string lights and initials studded with bulbs, They look trendy and can be used for wedding stage decoration as well as photo booth decor.


string lights stage decoration


Take the help of drapes to set up a theme, build a specific ambiance, conceal and adorn. With the abundant colors and textures available, drapes decoration is a sure shot way to create the desired appearance and completely change the look of your venue. Go for lighter fabrics and pastel shades for a daytime event while during the night, add rich and intense hues along with glitter to the mix.


drape entrance decoration


There is absolutely no dearth of locally available, seasonal blooms in India at any time of the year. These traditional blooms are pretty wholesome and versatile. They can be utilized as floral rangoli, or strung in various patterns into luscious or light festoons to adorn entrances, pathways and the mandap stage alike.


marigold wedding decoration


Chic yet super affordable, these ombre drapes are a great way to keep the decor interesting yet minimal. They can be complemented by flowers if you want.


drapes decoration for walkway


Greens are generally a cheaper alternative to flowers and certainly more eye-catching because of not being used so frequently. So ditch your regular blossoms and install these delightful green backdrops for your stages and photo booths.


wedding photobooth decoration

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