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Dazzling Stage Decorations For Various Occasions

Dazzling Stage Decorations For Various Occasions


Stage decorations are what define an event and are the cynosure for all eyes. They lay out the theme for the rest of the decor. Have it designed in a way that suits the occasion as this is the area that will be photographed the most. It needs to be functional as well for the required ceremonies to take place.


This refreshingly modern wedding stage decoration with the use of the classic red and white color palette is a delight to look at. The bicolored drapes and luscious red and white rose runners brighten up the entire wedding venue. It is further accentuated with metallic ornamentation and lotus and baby’s breath.


drape and flower mandap decoration


Pastels look soft and elegant. This gorgeous combination of drapes and intricate engraved decorations with flower decoration to matchmakes for a beautiful reception stage.


ornate floral stage decoration


Spectacular drapes decoration and bunches of florals come together to make this very classy stage setup that looks radiant in this hall venue.


Wedding Stage Decoration


Crystal decor is rapidly gaining popularity with the exciting and alluring designs now available. Light and stylish, it can transform the appearance of a place. The plethora of adornments hanging from the ceiling in front of the stage look suave.


elegant floral stage decoration


This semi-open stage area is adorned with a bunch of string lights arranged in looping patterns and lining the stage as well as the stairs. Rustic and classy, it goes well with the interior and saves the effort of putting extra lighting.


Classy Pathway Decoration For Wedding


This simply charming stage backdrop decor makes use of intricate circular designs along with fresh flowers in varying combinations of contrasting colors. It would serve well for pre-wedding or reception stages or even photo booths.


floral backdrop stage decoration


With the eye-catching blend of red and yellow drapes and elaborate crystal decorations, this stage provides a bedazzling view. Adorned with yellow floral pomanders and vibrant floral runners on top, this stunning stage will have various compliments sent your way.


crystal and drape stage decoration


A dreamy amalgamation of pale pink, blue and white, this stage is truly a vision you won’t want to turn your head away from. The backdrop is done with light drapes and adorned liberally with pretty florals and dainty chandeliers.


Dreamy Wedding stage decoration


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