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Hip Color Palette: Metallic Hues For Decoration

Hip Color Palette: Metallic Hues For Decoration

We have often heard of metallic shades being used in makeup for a polished haute couture look, generally a favorite to be paired with heavy ethnic attire or red carpet dresses by celebs. These glistening, glimmering colors make for a refined palette that can also add to the beauty of your wedding decor, seamlessly conjoining with the ostentatious Indian wedding vibe and giving celebratory, festive feels with a refined air. Here are some ways how you can include the shiny metallics in the wedding decoration.


Let’s start with the very basics of our wedding adornments- drapes! A comparatively cheaper way to add a metallic gleam to the occasion is with the help of drapes decoration in ombre, golden, bronze, brown and other similar colors. While doing up an entire canopy like the one below, go for lighter fabrics. With delicate chandelier lighting and complimentary table decor, you’re all set!


wedding drape canopy decoration mysore


This  rustic stage decor has ornate frame detailing and flowers to match the color scheme adorning a light draped backdrop.


reception stage decoration Bangalore


Delightful flower decoration along the pew and framing the stage like lotus petals in gorgeous light tones and a draped backdrop to match look absolutely stunning together, Metal candelabras add to the flamboyant charm of the setting.


golden mandap decoration mysore


While it is largely the interior of the venue here that itself contributes to the metallic theme wedding decor, it is certainly accentuated by the use of crystal chandeliers, metal vases and florals.



The color palette used here is a blend of pastels and metallic hues. While the fiesta of flowers this mandap is studded with are a delightful range of pastels, the drapes used as the base are lighter shades with a bit of sheen. The mellow lighting also contributes to how the various colors actually play out next to each other.


floral mandap decoration chennai


Simpler and classy, this stage is a combination of flowers and a patterned metallic mesh in the backdrop with white columns of varying lengths in front of it. Candles placed in glass jars supply the finishing touch.


rustic wedding stage decoration mysore


A backdrop sheathed in florals comprises this rustic but gorgeous stage backdrop and is adorned by slender light sticks in metal covering. With sofas to match, it looks resplendent.


Flower wedding backdrop decoration chennai

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