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Ways To Decorate Your Outdoor Wedding Location in Bangalore

Ways To Decorate Your Outdoor Wedding Location in Bangalore


Weddings in Bangalore are well known for their stupendous wedding decorations. While most of the people prefer opting for outdoor wedding decorations rather than indoor ones, some people wish to settle for an indoor reception hall in Bangalore. Having second thoughts about various ways to decorate your outdoor wedding location in Bangalore? Don’t let your mind be befuddled anymore and read this article to know about many novel ideas and ways in which you can actually make your wedding event look grand, exciting, and regal enough to be able to catch the eyes of every single guest!


1. Electric Lights

LED lights and digital lighting system facilities seem to be trending these days. In spite of providing an excellent visual appeal to the weddings, these can prove to be a perilous source in terms of doing damage to your body and safety wise. So, beware while putting such lights into use. You’ll be amazed by the intriguing ways in which you can present these lights. While having lights on the entrance may seem as something too mainstream or cliched, you could always keep them in glass bottles. Hanging bulbs can efficiently give away a charming look too.

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2. Pick Papers

“What good can mere papers do for weddings? Aren’t these solely meant for doing art and craft?” These are some of the stereotypical apprehensions that most of us usually have in our mind when we think of the wonders that pick papers can do in our weddings! However, these pick papers can be very much used to create bewitching designs with the help of many striking ideas. Be it Japanese Paper Origami, or paper lanterns, this is your go-to-option if you’re looking for splendid beauty at an inexpensive cost.

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3. Vintage Flowers

Yes, you read that right! Adding a spur of vintage to your wedding doesn’t necessarily confine to wedding invitations, or a royal dress code. Many of the vintage flowers and floral features are low-priced and economical.  Flowers play a pivotal role in every wedding. Have you ever encountered a wedding event that does not have flowers in it? Perhaps not. Especially when we talk of garden weddings in Bangalore, ‘flowers’ tend to come on the forefront. Flowers carry a charming aura with themselves and signify love and sanctity.

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So, what are you waiting for? Quickly try out the above-mentioned decoration ways for your outdoor wedding! You’ll already find some of these being installed at many convention centers in Bangalore, or at some of the top wedding venues in Bangalore


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