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Lush Cocktail Party Embellishment Ideas

Lush Cocktail Party Embellishment Ideas

Time to celebrate with your family and friends! A moment filled with intriguing memories to cherish forever is yet to be witnessed. Cocktail parties are known for their endearing time spent with utmost fun and frolicking activities. Hire the best DJ to celebrate an unceasing musical party. Also hire a bartender who can create marvelous concoctions. Make sure you also provide mocktails for the non-alcoholics. You can’t let your guests leave hungry. Arrange a sumptuous meal that incorporates all dishes from starters to desserts. Take ideas from an expert epicure about the varieties of foods and drinks for the party. Cocktail parties are usually held after a grand event. Decorations are the crux of any event. Let your cocktail party look lush in every possible way. To get inspired on cocktail party decorations, go through the rest of this article.

Cloth Lanterns and Crystal Vases:

The decorations for a cocktail party has to be chic and elegant. To bring this charm and elegance into the decors can be done by using cloth lanterns. They are available in a variety of shapes and colors. Pick the one of your choice and brighten them up with bulbs or candles. The other chic element is a crystal vase. Instead of a normal plastic or metal vase, try to create a cylindrical vase made of crystals to bring out an aura of exuberance. Add perfect lighting to these vases with the help of floodlights and appropriate plants, flowers to adorn the pathway. Flower decoration ideas can guide you on choosing the best floral designs. These vases can be connected with transparent drapes with small led bulbs pinned to them.

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The Dining Area Decor:

Dining hall needs to be spacious and should beam out an appealing welcome to the guests. Drape the chairs with chiffon cloth and tables with clean table clothes. For the ceiling, use chandeliers of different shapes and designs. Various decors can be made from paper like spherical paper balls, wreaths etc. These paper balls can be left dangling from the ceiling. An Ikebana styled floral decor can also be used as a decorative element for the dining area.

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Pools with Flowers:

A large pool with pristine water can be decorated with flowers. Pick flowers of your choice, mostly roses and lotuses to fill the pool. If you do not have a bigger pool or tank, then try to take a brass uruli and fill it with water. Add flower petals to enhance the freshness of it. This decor can be used for any event and it always has a chic look embedded within it. Flower decoration Bangalore can give you more ideas like these.

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String Lights Wreaths for the Garden:

Decorate large trees with string lights and floral pomanders. Apart from these, create wreaths with those string lights and leave them dangling from the branches of trees. Mason jars with candles can also form a beautiful decor for outdoor decorations. Choose floral decors from the best flower decorators. The whole set up described can be depicted from the picture below.

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Hope these ideas to adorn a cocktail party inspired you. Have a fabulous fun time during the party! You can apply these ideas to any of the events decoration Bangalore.

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