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Cocktail Party Decor: A Roster Of Engaging Ideas

Cocktail Party Decor: A Roster Of Engaging Ideas

“Where utility ends and decoration begins is perfection” 

It is the right time to frolic with exotic cocktails! Congratulations to the lovely married couple! Cocktail Parties were started from a long time back which is primarily a fun event celebrated for various reasons. After a beautiful wedding, cocktail parties are held to celebrate the union of bride and groom. It is during these parties the first couple dance is being performed. To serve the guests, cocktail concoctions created by the best bartenders are presented besides mocktails for non-alcoholics. Food belonging to a plethora of cuisines also form the crux of a cocktail party besides drinks. Music that lets your guests to waltz the whole time during the party is picked and the best live music band is hired to create soul-inspiring music tracks. In a nutshell, cocktail party entices each guest of yours and leaves them into a deep trance.

Here is a roster of engaging ideas that can spice up your cocktail party decorations to the fullest.

Magnificent Entrance Decor:

To make every part of the banquet hall look engrossing, you need to start decorating right from the entrance. Here is a royal theme for entrance where pillars are adorned with floral design chosen from the best flower decorations for wedding which is placed on the top and crystal chandeliers are left dangling in between them. Two beautiful peacocks created from vibrant flowers are places over two crystal cylindrical vases on both sides of the entrance. A perfect purplish lighting is added to brighten the whole decor.

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Spectacular Pathway Decor:

String lights, lanterns and flood lights form the basic decor for any pathway that leads to the main banquet hall. Flowers with good fragrances and colors are chosen to create a twist that is used to adorn the front of the pathway. Only flowers have this enticing quality that can lure your guests to the party.

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Chic Outdoor Party Decor:

A splendid and spacious garden will be the perfect spot to hold the cocktail party. Put a shade and adorn it with lanterns and drapes to form a dance floor for guests to tango throughout the party. Also make sure there is proper seating arrangements made for them to chill out during conversations. Let the place you have picked for garden wedding Bangalore provide the ultimate bliss of partying to your guests.

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Vibrant Outdoor Lighting:

The main part of decor in any outdoor event that is held after the dusk is to have the perfect lighting. Trees, ferns and shrubs also need a tinge of vibrance during the nights. String lights of different colors and designs are used to adorn the greenery making the whole venue look totally bright with exuberance. On the whole, your venue forms a sinuous silhouette against the dark night’s background rendering an astonishing outlook.

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Cocktail party is always not about serving the right drink with right food, the right decor for the venue also matters. These ideas might surely help you while organizing a cocktail party or during any events decoration Bangalore. Add more innovative ideas to the existing decor and let the whole experience of partying be stupefying! Go through wedding decorations for more ideas that can spruce up the ceremony.





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