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Tag: <span>wedding ceremony decorations</span>

Tag: wedding ceremony decorations

Activities To Kick Off Your Wedding in Style

What do you guys do at the beginning of your wedding? I mean, what marks its beginning? Is there a ceremony or something? The guests keep coming, the ceremonies keep going on, and there is no proper start to events. I guess this is what happens.    What we are …

Wedding Ceremonies That Complete An Indian Wedding

Do not miss anything! After ticking each box we get a sense of completeness. The same logic applies to weddings as well. We do not want to miss any ceremony. Because if it happens, if we miss any ceremony that gets stuck in our minds for the rest of our …

Marigolds May Be Yellow, But Their Trend Shall Stay Evergreen- Theme Wedding Decorations

Marigolds represent  the most yellow and orangish colours in the colour palette and there’s nothing more sunnier or happier than these colours. The vibrancy that the colour denotes makes one want to celebrate and stay happy. What better flower for your wedding ceremony decorations than one that denotes celebration and …

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