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Exciting Wedding Entrance Decor Ideas

Exciting Wedding Entrance Decor Ideas

The entrance is the very first step your guest takes. The entrance should give them an idea of what the wedding is going to be all about. In cinematic terms, the entrance is the trailer of your magical wedding movie. So to make sure that you nail in your wedding entrance decor, we are back with another blog. This time we are going to discuss some exciting ways to decorate your wedding entrance.


Let The Bulb Glow The Way

Do not look at the small size of the bulbs, the glow they provide is unmatchable. I bet you have seen bulbs in the mirror of the vanity rooms, the reason they are there is because of the glow. The same glow is required here at the entrance. But how are we going to do that?


Simple! Create your entrance as you want. Whatever wedding props you are using, use them. After the completion of the setup, next comes the lighting. Here we are going with bulbs. Either you can cover your whole setup with bulbs or can go with a certain pattern. Even if you are not having a particular setup, you can simply put the bulbs on the sides of the passage of the entrance. The glow is enough.



One thing that we have to look for when opting for drapes is that the entrance should be of good height. There are certain patterns available for the decoration of entrances using drapes but all look good only when they have fair enough height. 


One more exciting theme you can do with drapes is that you can change them accordingly. Like, for your Haldi event the color of the theme will be yellow. So use yellow drapes at the entrance. When the color of the theme or event changes, change the drapes as well. This customizable decor will surely take the attention of your guest and will look superb for sure.



A difficult task in terms of management, but the results will be outstanding. In this case, you have to do nothing, just have to put trees along the passage of the entrance. The best for this decor is the Cherry Blossom Tree. do not forget to put some lighting as well. But the lighting should be done creatively. It should not be visible and the focus should be on the upper portion of the tree.


This can be done by doing ways either by putting lights inside the upper portion or using small-sized light stands that will be kept under the tree. If you are not willing to do these things, just put some fairy lights over the tree.


Floral Passage

The arrangement is similar to that of bulbs. You have to plan your entrance setup. The florals have no role in so. They come into play after the completion of the setup. Put florals over the entrance setup. Either you can cover the whole passage with flowers or can create a pattern as well. When it comes to colors, you can go with one, two, or mixed, whatever you feel is best for you. Thus we can say that florals provide us with a lot of decor options.


Mixing Floral with Lightings

It is like combining the two best possible options. There is no specific way of using this combination. The best we can do for you guys is to tell you about the decor elements. Floral hangings, the petals around the sideways, lamps, and fairy lights. With all these things you can create a superb entrance. 


If your entrance is open, use petals and lamps along the sideways. If it is covered at the top, both floral hangings and fairy lights can be used. All these arrangements can come all together, but make sure it doesn’t mess up things.



These ideas are never-ending. Inspiration and trends come every day. But you don’t have to worry about these things as we are here for you. We will be back with more such ideas, so keep visiting our website, Melting Flowers.


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