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Many new wedding trends start in the new year and gain momentum by the end of the preceding year. By this point, the fads are long gone, and we are aware of what will last over the long term. We are currently halfway through 2022, and you must definitely make a note of the trends that have been in style since the start of the year!

You must stay in tune with the up-and-coming wedding trends. They also will help you save up on your budget since décor elements in trend are always a cheaper option when you go to purchase them in bulk! We have put together a list of décor trends today that are popular with engaged couples and those planning weddings in the near future. Have a look at some of the trending ideas that have been in the news this year!

Go For Destination Weddings

Everyone has missed destination weddings for a long two years, or more. Now that the Covid-19 restrictions have eased up, we anticipate an excessive number of intimate weddings in the upcoming year. Although not all in the same town but rather in various locations, COVID-19 instances are once again on the rise. By now, everyone wants a change, therefore there are a lot of small scale destination weddings planned.

You may have to book tickets and venues quiet prior to the wedding date. You must also be on the lookout for covid restrictions if you are picking a destination wedding for another country, so you don’t get stranded at the very last minute.

Covid-19 Reminders

Since the pandemic is not going away any time soon, social seclusion will become the norm and be required. In order to preserve social distance at all times, wedding venues will be filled with signs, hints, and security.

We love the idea of adding sign boards with social distancing rules or reminders around the venue. Even installing portable sanitizers and keeping a mask station handy at the venue is such a smart idea. This way you and your guest can have a lot of fun at the wedding while staying safe!

Shift To Pastels

Traditional Indian wedding décor has always featured darker hues, with maroon and golden shades being a significant presence. While these shades do portray a certain elegance, a larger shift has been seen in millennial weddings, with respect to the color palette.

Many actual weddings switched from the traditional maroon and gold tones to pastels. Because of this, we are certain that pastels will continue to be popular in the upcoming year. Pastels give a calm and cool look to the wedding while radiating a lot of elegance. They are a perfect choice for a warm, intimate wedding.

So, to make your wedding a pastel explosion, be on the lookout for everything pastel, from the drapes to the furnishings!

Go Big With Structured Mandaps

We have seen our fair share of mandaps over the previous several years. But 2022 comes with new ideas and creative inspirations! 2022 is the year that can be remembered as ‘the year structured mandaps blew up!’ We already have witnessed a rise in structured mandaps at every other wedding. Yes, this mandap has only one message for you: ‘go big or go home’.

We are likely to see a lot more intimate weddings. So, brides will concentrate on making their intimate wedding just perfect, with their wedding mandap decoration taking center stage! Cover up the massively structured mandap in lovely florals, because no amount of florals can ever be too much for this type of mandap!

Tell Your Tale

There is always something beautiful about adding a personal touch to the wedding. Be it a décor element that speaks about you as a couple, or some flowers that do the same. But couples can also place more emphasis on telling their sweet narrative than on the traditional wedding decorations that we have grown accustomed to seeing.

Storytelling will be a key component in how couples personalize their wedding celebrations. Picture, polaroid snaps and sign boards are a great way to tell your story. After all, what is better than simply showing your story, instead of narrating it?

If you like these décor trends and wish to incorporate them into your outdoor wedding decoration, reach out to us today!

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