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Making A Wedding More Entertaining

Making A Wedding More Entertaining

The traditions are common, the ceremonies are common. We all have seen these things. What else can we do to engage our guests or to make our wedding more interesting? What can we add to our decoration part or what kind of wedding props can be added to level up the wedding? This blog is the answer to all the questions. We are going to cover some interesting things that you can do to make your wedding more interesting. So without wasting more time, let’s just begin!


Unorthodox Themes

We have seen modern weddings, vintage-style weddings, and much more. This time we are going to change them to a large extent. Just think about a fancy dress competition. You can pick any one idea from there. Let us help you. We can plan a superhero theme wedding. The bridesmaid or the families, all will wear superhero-based costumes, the decor will be of that pattern, etc. 


You may be thinking that this is going to be very awful, right? But who is going to judge? A wedding is all about having fun and this unorthodox theme idea is surely going to give you all that fun and memories to cherish for the rest of your life.


Finding The Venue

If you are looking to make your wedding more adventurous then this idea is for you. If you can hire a very large wedding venue then you can pull off this idea with ease. All guests will have a map or a puzzle that will take them to the main wedding destination or near the couple. You can include this activity as one of your wedding ceremonies as well.


Put some rewards for the winners so that all guests show a lot of enthusiasm. Having this activity will not only make your wedding more interesting but will also make sure the engagement of your guests to a large extent.


Magical Show

If you want to make your wedding fun and interesting,  put some extra activities in the schedule. Having those already established ceremonies is fun but having some extra fun activities adds the cherry to that cake. You can arrange some magical shows, stand-up gigs, or fire shows, whatever you want. The basic idea behind this is to entertain the guests and yourself as well. So arrange those activities that ensure these things.


Remember if you are going to arrange a fire show, be extra cautious. There will be kids in the venue and a lot of other things as well so ask your wedding planners to ensure safety measures properly.


Live Painting

Capturing photos with a camera is common, having photobooths is common. What else can we do? What about having a painter who will create a live painting? This idea sounds so much fun here itself. Just imagine how it would turn out in real life. One problem with this idea is that you have to sit or be in a pose till the painting gets finished. So I guess a lot of people will find it difficult. The only solution to this problem is to look for a painter who can do the job in less time. So if you’re able to get such one painter, do give it a shot!


Custom Live Music/ Open Mic

Live music is very common at weddings. Orchestra or individual performances are very popular and every couple prefers to have that one at their wedding. The change we can have here is that we can organize open mics. But, the band should be there. Because what happens when you sing alone is good in terms of memories but not in terms of performance. Having the band behind them will ensure the perfect background music and this activity will turn out to be fun.



Even if you cannot organize these activities, don’t feel bad about yourself. These all are just some extra stuff. For having fun, you just need all your loved ones around you. These people can make any activity fun. So prepare your guest list with full passion and get ready to enjoy your wedding even if you do not opt for these activities. If you do so then the fun is guaranteed for sure. And for any kind of wedding-related assistance, you can visit our website, Melting Flowers. We assure you of quality services so do check us out.

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