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Some Great Foliage Décor Ideas For Your Wedding

Some Great Foliage Décor Ideas For Your Wedding

Wedding décor styles are constantly changing and developing each decade. Gone are the days when weddings would have only heavy floral décor with basic seating arrangements. Millennial couples are constantly looking for fresh and innovative ideas for their wedding décor, whether it is using drapes in a different style, or LED-powered backdrops for the stage.

New age couples love to add a little fun quirk to the décor style, and some even go ahead to personally pick out every element for their wedding decorations, or add a personal touch to the elements.

When it comes to florals, there are a lot of heavy choices one can pick. There is no doubt that picking out wholesale flowers is very reasonable for wedding planning. But if you want a fresh perspective, foliage is the new floral! Foliage tends to add a lush green tint to the wedding, so it is a great option to replace florals.

Foliage décor is also very environmentally conscious, so if that is something you are looking for, you’ve landed just at the right place! These are some easy ways you can incorporate foliage in your wedding décor, without making it look out of place.

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One For The Photos

If you are having an outdoor garden wedding, this is a great opportunity to use the natural setting of the garden as a photo booth. But you can also build an aesthetic photo corner with the help of a simple wall of vines. You can also place some potted plants and lights to add to the photo corner.

The natural green of some plants will automatically lighten up the entire area and give you some good wedding memorabilia. Use snake plants, myrtles, or any other succulents to transform the area into a beautiful, full of life area. You can use multiple lights and hashtags that can light up, over this foliage wall. If it is a closed space, you can also suspend small chandeliers or lanterns near the wall of vines.

Foliage On The Rocks

While having a bar or a pool party is unusual for Indian weddings, some millennial couples look for ways to go out of their way to ensure their guests are having a good time. And what better way than to install a bar at the Sangeet ceremony, or even for the Mehendi ceremony?

Foliage can be used as a simple backdrop for the bar as well, you don’t have to restrict it to wedding shenanigans only! Add some colorful wholesale imported flowers to the foliage backdrop so that it has some color to it. You can also hang some classy frames with quirky texts and fun signs. But make sure these frames are transparent, so the beauty of the foliage at the back can be seen visibly.

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On The Top

Foliage is a great element you can use to deck up your mandaps. Some overhead foliage décor is perfect to add a rustic look to the mandap. They are very affordable, and when covered with dainty ferns, your wedding will look nothing short of a fairy tale occurrence.

You can also pair foliage with some gorgeous colored florals and even some fabric drapes, to make it a complete look. If you wish to go on a more environmentally conscious route, you can also pick a tree at the venue and deck it up with paper decorations. You can build your entire mandap around it, and since you won’t need a closed tented mandap, you also save up on a lot of extra costs.

Deck Up The Entrance

Instead of using bulk flowers to adorn your entrance, you can opt for foliage options. A foliage arch can be a great filler if you don’t want the heavy look that floral arches provide. These arches look very refined and sophisticated, so they are the perfect choice for a modern wedding. Minimal is truly the bold right now, so light foliage will turn your wedding venue’s entrance into a beautiful affair.

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Pre-Wedding Ceremonies

Why restrict foliage to the wedding when you can use it in creative ways at your pre-wedding functions? A lot of Mehendi ceremonies have a Mehendi Jhula that is made with all kinds of colorful flowers. You can replace this with a foliage Jhula. You can also opt for intertwined ferns with flowers, shaped like a hammock.

Foliage is definitely the new floral, and it brings you back to nature’s roots. If you like these foliage décor ideas, get in touch with Melting Flowers for flower decoration in Bangalore.

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