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Recent Upcoming Trends In Wedding Decorations

Recent Upcoming Trends In Wedding Decorations

Weddings are in a way, the beginning of a new life. You go all out for that one big, momentous event in your life, that shall be remembered by you as well as your guests for the rest of your lives! Every moment is captured by photographers and guests alike. So, the to-be bride spends hours carefully picking out outfits for all the wedding events.

There are so many different aspects to a wedding, but marriage decoration is a pretty big part of it. You know it will be captured and reveled in every time you glance at your wedding photos. You have a plethora of choices for wedding décor. Each one has a special ability to last an impression on your guests if you pair all the elements together well enough!

Your wedding stage is the center of the wedding. Your guests will come up to meet you there, and a lot of wedding photographers essentially are taken up on the stage. It is the highlight of your wedding reception. So it is a tough task to pick out a gorgeous wedding stage.

If you are looking to grab some intricate details for your wedding stage décor, you have come to the right place!

Wedding Stage

Flowers, Foliage and Fab!

How many florals are too many florals? The only correct answer to this is: never too many! Florals are a huge part of Indian wedding décor. You see them at every nook and corner of the wedding venue. So, if you are looking for an elegant affair, go wild with florals!

This floral arrangement will surely make everyone’s jaws drop. You can pair the lush floral backdrop with gorgeous peacock designs and a beautiful diwan, right at the center of the stage. The intricate details in this design are one to watch!

Wedding Stage

A Vintage Affair

Having a destination wedding in an old fort, or a palace is a perfect way to execute a royal wedding. You can construct a platform for the wedding stage right near the stairs, so the stairs can lead to it. Once you light up the stairs with strings of light, you will surely have a royal entry to your wedding reception!

Creating a wedding stage with a natural backdrop is always such a beautiful option, whether the backdrop is a beach or an ancient fort. You can make the best of the entire wedding venue when you use the natural setting as a backdrop. When you use a rustic and enchanted fort for your wedding, it will surely feel like it is right out of a fairy tale story!

A Snowy Theme

White themed weddings have been in trend for such a long time. White symbolizes comfort, sophistication and a refined taste. So, millennial couples adore this theme for a quaint and elegant affair. If you don’t want to go for a complete white look because it seems too plain, pair a bright cyan to add galore to the décor. You can use white and cyan florals for the wedding stage.

If you are not too keen on using florals for the wedding stage backdrop, use LED lights with a cyan tint so that your backdrop décor is all covered!

Wedding Stage

Floral Canopy

If you are having your wedding reception outdoors, ditch the old tents or gazebos that are usually built around the wedding stage for some shade. Instead, go for a classic flower shower! A canopy is such a chic look for the wedding stage. It will also provide some shade over the love seat for the newly wedded couple.

You can use a bamboo tepee to create a suspension of floral hangings from the canopy. Mix flowers with some green foliage for a rustic yet chic look. You can also suspend party chandeliers from the canopy. This wedding stage set-up feels so cozy, and is perfect for intimate wedding receptions!

Wedding Stage

A Lighting Waterfall

We adore this simple, yet refined décor style. Instead of classic floral backdrops, this wedding stage design used strings of lights to create a waterfall effect, behind the seating arrangements. You can also use small fireworks at the corner of the stage to create a royal look for the wedding reception decoration! This design style is classy and modern.

Wedding décor is not an easy task, and everyone needs some help with it. So, if you are looking for wedding decoration, contact us here at Melting Flowers.

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