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Theme Wedding You Should Go For!

Theme Wedding You Should Go For!

The basics are always easy to plan, difficulty comes when we go in-depth. Let us consider a theme wedding decor concept. First of all, it is very difficult to select an appropriate theme. Next, we have to work on that theme deeply. This is the most difficult task. A theme wedding means that from decor to outfits, everything should be there according to the theme. In this blog, we will try to solve this problem by discussing, in brief, some of the wedding themes you can go for.


Fairytale wedding

I have heard many times about the prince charming concept. Girls talk about their dream man whom they refer to as a prince. Often in many fictional stories, we have seen princes taking their love in horses, etc. All of these come under the concept of a fairytale wedding. Do not worry you do not have to do pieces of stuff from fictional stories.


In fairy tale weddings, the decor is inspired by these fictional and romantic stories. The outfits are too inspired by the main characters. The Disney series is a perfect inspiration for a fairytale wedding. Cinderella is there. The music, and wedding rentals, all should be inspired by prince-princess stories. Overall, make your guests feel like they are at a wedding of a prince and a princess.


Beach Theme

This is not a trouble maker, I guess. I mean we all know what kind of elements are present on a beach. I think the problem will arrive when we are going to implement these things into the wedding decor. So we will discuss the execution process.


Starfish, marbles, sea shells, coconut water, we can use all these things in our wedding decor. Or I can say the theme can be revolved around these items, you can use them as showpieces as well. The wedding should be done in an open venue. Especially the food, the menu should be made while keeping the summer season in mind. Greet your guest with a summer gift package that should help them in dealing with the summer problems (if you are having a wedding in the summer season).


Royal Wedding

Just like the beach wedding, everything is clear as well. Here we will talk from my perspective. My definition of a royal wedding. Book tickets for Rajasthan. Hire a palace. Get outfits that are inspired by kings and historical periods. The Lehenga of the bride should be very long. Make a grand entry. The decor should be similar to past times, in history. 


In simple lines, everything should be grand. Grandeur should be there at your wedding. From food to decor, everything should feel like it belongs to a reputed royal family.


Stylist Wedding

Style! Styles should be there. Street style, funkiness, rock-roll style of studs, choose whatever you want. You can opt for urban style wedding where everything is inspired by the youth and the urban lifestyle. You can opt for funkiness, where everything will not be normal. From the outfit to the decor, all these things will not be normal. Overall we have to show some style and have to go unorthodox.


This is a risky theme, as we do not about the success here. As I have already said, basic ideation is easy, but implementation is tough. In this theme of wedding decor, we are even not sure about the result. How things will come out after execution. There are possibilities for both, success and failure, so choose wisely.


Color Based Wedding

It is the most simple concept of a theme wedding. All you have to do is choose a color and then work around it. The decor, outfit everything should be of that color. Overall the color will be the key identification of your wedding, 


For example, we can opt for a baby pink color for your wedding. In that case, the wedding decor, the outfits, and the wedding rentals are all must-have shades of pink color. The only doubt is these things of the same color will look all together.



Everything is clear here. These are the ideas for a theme wedding decor. Now, this is the website for theme wedding services, Melting Flowers. Visit us. All doubts will get clear there and I am sure you are going to love our work and will surely allow us to work for you guys.

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