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Drapes Décor for your D-Day

Drapes Décor for your D-Day

Whether you are planning to DIY your wedding decorations all by yourself, or you give the reigns to a wedding planner, you must have some basic idea of what exactly you want your wedding day to look like. A major part of that includes your wedding decorations.

Doing your own research will give you plenty of new and creative ideas for your wedding. One such element, that is so minimal but beautiful are drapes! You will spot multiple draperies at almost every wedding because they add a great touch to the wedding, and they are also very cost effective.

From an intimate outdoor wedding to a grand one, or even a small ceremony indoors, we have all sorts of drape decorations ideas to brighten up your wedding venue!

Drapes For the Photo Booth

Photo booths are a common trend at recent weddings lately. Most weddings have a nicely lit up corner with props and décor so everyone can snap their pictures for Instagram, and the newly wedded couple also gets some good wedding portraits. There are a lot of ways one can enhance the photo booth.

Many props are commonly used, such as floral arrangements, name cards, LED signages, etc. But if you are running a bit low on budget, give some classic drapes a try. You can make a quaint corner with drapes and floral décor as the backdrop for your wedding pictures. Classic white drapes tend to give a very rustic look, so your photo booth will have a dreamy, cottage core aesthetic if the wedding venue is an outdoor garden!

Go For Bohemian

Wedding ceremonies have so many different themes according to the wedding venue you select. If you are looking to go for a bohemian or classic Moroccan theme for your marriage decoration, take it outdoors! There is nothing else that screams boho as a brightly light mandap right out in the woods. Getting married using nature as the backdrop for your ceremony is such a smart idea. It is a scenic view for the guests and provides a great ambience.

You can use monotone drapes to accentuate your mandap. Classic white drapes or even some light pastel ones look perfect against the natural beauty of the outdoors. You can also deck it up with fairy lights if it is an outdoor night wedding, or even use small chandelier rentals. Pair your wedding décor and seating arrangements with the backdrop wisely, because you don’t want very bright colors to be ‘in your face’. Subtle colors look best against natural settings!

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Use Drapes for Seating

Smaller draperies or dupattas look gorgeous in every element of that wedding. That also includes the seating arrangements! You can elevate the entire look of the seating arrangements, be it chairs or cushions, by adding some dupatta decoration to the back. Use organza dupatta to tie bows at the back of the chairs to add a fun element to the chairs. You can use the same color draperies as the mandap, or a similar toned one, so the theme remains uniform.

You can also use draperies in the dining area. Aside from arranging the draperies on the seats, draperies can cover the dining table so that it looks better. You can opt for various designs of draperies if you don’t want them all to look very somber!

Stage Decoration

There are a plethora of ways in which you can decorate the wedding stage using drapes. If it is for an outdoor wedding decoration, you can use fake pillars to make your wedding stage look a bit elegant. The drapes can be wrapped around the pillars, and if it is a night wedding, you can also wrap some string lights around for a dim light effect.

But drapes can be used in so many other ways. For instance, they look so good as the wedding stage backdrop! Whether you are having an indoor or outdoor wedding, this criss cross white drape design for the backdrop is evergreen, and a perfect pick for a monochrome wedding.

You can have a completely white themed wedding if you are looking for something simple. Pair off white drape shades with some wedding stage rental and stage lighting. You can also go for a white cushion or sofa and a white carpet to keep it a consistent theme.

For wedding décor rentals, feel free to reach out to us at any time!

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