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Some Wedding Home Decoration Ideas That Are Just So Lit!

Some Wedding Home Decoration Ideas That Are Just So Lit!

When there is a wedding in your house, the wedding isn’t just confined to the couple. Your entire family and close friends get involved in planning the wedding, which gives Indian weddings the lovely traditional charm that they have. The entire house is decked up in lights and florals and the entire neighborhood can recognize the family that is having a wedding just by looking at the house!

Now whether you are having any wedding or pre-wedding ceremonies at your house itself or not, your home deserves a makeover! Home weddings have especially been popular since we have grown up seeing them in so many Bollywood movies. From the vibrant roses and lilies arrangements around the house in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge to Kalki’s home in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani decked up in gorgeous exotic carnations.

Have a look at some amazing ideas to decorate your home during this auspicious time of your life!


Drape It Up

No matter how many times it is mentioned, you cannot understate the beauty of drapes. Drapes are a quintessential element that can be used in so many different ways around the house. You can use draperies around pillars or stairs. Give your terrace a complete finishing look with some burlap drapes. Drapes can also be styled in multiple ways, such as for the dining table.

Drapes also come in a variety of materials, so you can pick the material as well as the pattern and color according to the theme. You can also add small accent pieces to the drapes to lighten them up. Tiny colorful umbrellas or tiny mirrored discs look surreal paired with some drapes. Just be sure to not keep any lighting around the draperies because it is very easy for them to catch fire.

Drapes are a cheap décor element, and you can get rental draperies for amazing prices if you purchase them in bulk!

Sasural Genda Phool

Marigolds are an important décor element that is popularly seen in so many weddings. You will also spot them in many South Indian weddings since they are considered auspicious in their culture. They have a religious significance, more than an element of beautification.

You can deck up the entire house in different marigold arrangements, whether it is strings of marigold flowers or décor with only the petals involved. This décor style is captivating and you can’t ever have enough of it! These are lovely outdoor wedding decoration elements.


Lights and Camera

One of the most important parts of any wedding function is the photographs. Millennial couples tend to go out of their way to get amazing Instagram worthy snaps and the background for the portraits matters as well. For some amazing clicks, you need great lighting as well.

Spread strings of fairy lights all around the house. You may have spotted this type of lighting at wedding homes because it is the cheapest and most popular one as well. Get fairy lights with multiple colors for the house.

You can also jazz up the roof with strings of fairy lights. Experiment with them, and brighten your house for all your wedding functions. After all, it is the lighting that differs a regular home from a home that is soon to have a wedding!

Put Paper To Good Use

If you are looking to add a colorful twist to your home, go for paper decorations! They are a cheaper option, and you also have a variety of options you can pick from. If you don’t want to purchase them from the market, you can even DIY them with some simple art supplies. Now is the time to show off your artistic skills and creativity! You can simply never say no to paper elements for your marriage decoration!

Cupcake Productions

Put Paper To Good Use

You can hang strings of colorful pompom balls from the ceiling, or use paper mache. If this feels too light for you, you can also add feathers, puppets, or dreamcatchers as additional décor elements. These simple yet funky décor elements will make your home look like a quirky little affair!

You can also pair them with some hanging floral arrangements. If you have a garden in your home, you can also deck up the area around the tree with these simple arrangements.

Planning a wedding requires a lot of help. We, at Melting Flowers, are here to help with your wedding decorations.

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