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Nail Your Pre-Wedding Seating Arrangements

Nail Your Pre-Wedding Seating Arrangements

What do you think your guests will notice first when they walk into your wedding venue? The decoration! The décor you put up captures the theme of your wedding and gives the guests a lot to talk about, so couples are usually tensed before their big day to get all of it right.

The seating arrangements you choose naturally get so much attention, so this is one element you must pick out carefully. You should pay extra attention to some seating ideas before you pick one because it should go with the theme of your wedding!

If you are bored of the same old seating arrangements, we have some fresh ideas for you, depending on the aesthetic and theme of your wedding. This list mentions seating ideas for couples as well as guests.

Bohemian Vibe

Looking for some colorful hues for your Mehendi ceremony? Nothing speaks vivacity and a dash of color like a boho set-up. You can have a nice and warm set-up with macrame plants, vintage old chairs, and some wicker mats to create the backdrop or the back for the seating. To decorate the seating, you can throw in a few printed pillows, feathers and some gilded lanterns.

This seating set-up is great for couples that love an adventurous outlook on life. It also consists of a lot of colorful floral blooms, so if you are fond of florals, this is the idea you must opt for!


A Tropical Affair

Some light and breezy tropical seating ideas are perfect for pre-wedding ceremonies, even if they aren’t pool parties. You can’t have a tropical setting without the classic chic seating of barrels. You can decorate them with colorful paper parasols and bright colored flowers to add a tint of color.

This is the perfect seating arrangement set up, both for the couple, as well as the guests. It is a great idea, especially for outdoor wedding decoration. The mix of natural foliage with colorful blooms will make it a complete décor setting.


Sit In A Wreath

This chic seating idea feels straight out of Coachella! If you are fond of ferns and florals, put up a wreath seating on the stage! This bloomy element will amp up your wedding stage decoration so much. A Jhoola Seat
A rustic wooden Jhoola is a great addition to any pre-wedding ceremony. You can deck it up with orange marigold flowers and matching drapes for the Haldi ceremony, or you can decorate it with light foliage for the Mehendi ceremony. You can even reuse the Jhoola for multiple events!

It is a very simple wedding decoration idea and there are so many ways in which you can decorate the Jhoola. The choices are abundant, you just have to pick one and you will get a great seating arrangement ready!


Cabana Oh Na Na

A cabana-style seating arrangement will look magical for an intimate pre-wedding ceremony. You can deck it up with fairy lights for an evening affair. Look at the minor elements that go so well with this décor. You can hang small jute baskets upside down and use suitcases as table attractions. Small seats can go on the side, and potted plants and vases bring some color to the entire seating.

You can use colorful drapes and throw pillows too. Remember, the key to good seating isn’t just the seating arrangements, but the décor around it as well. This seating idea will leave your guests happy and content!

Chill By The Pool Side

Poolside seating décor is a great idea, whether it is for a light Mehendi ceremony or a fancy Sangeet. Throw cushions look gorgeous by the pool, so this is the perfect set-up for you. You can also set up some rustic lanterns for an evening event. Use some soft hues for the throw pillows, as bright colors may not look great with a pool side backdrop.


An Open Canopy

An open seating arrangement is just what you might need for a light pre-wedding ceremony. Set the right vibe for the event with some cushions and gorgeous bolsters. You can also place a small table at the center if you want to keep some food handy.

Did any seating arrangement idea appeal to you? Book us to bring them to life!

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