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Looking for some inspiration for a quaint little white wedding affair? You’ve come to just the right place.
A wedding theme often speaks a lot about the couple, so millennial couples look forward to expressing themselves through their wedding theme. A white wedding theme signifies happiness, peace and love, with a touch of elegance. So, couples looking for a modern wedding theme often gravitate towards white themed weddings.

But there are so many different aspects to planning a wedding. Your wedding theme is much more than just picking out some colors. You must think about how you want to execute the wedding décor. Are you looking for a grand wedding where you want to go all out on the wedding décor? Or are you looking for a more refined look with minimalistic décor?

Once you pick the theme, you can go into the details for wedding décor. Look at some of these key elements to getting your white themed wedding right.

Seating Arrangements

There are a lot of different seating arrangements you can use for your wedding ceremony. For instance, white chairs would look perfect around the mandap that has an ethereal white décor set up. You can also add a touch of blue for some color to bring a contrast to the all-white seating.

white wedding decoration

If you are going for a beach wedding, bring the nautical vibe to your wedding with some soothing décor. You can use light rope suspensions for décor, to go with some white seating. You can also opt for using cushions with white fabrics to bring a dreamy vibe to the ceremony. This is the perfect wedding décor if you are looking for a modern and minimalistic wedding look.

white wedding decoration

When it comes to seating for the couple, try syncing it with the backdrop for the wedding stage decoration, so all of it is uniform. White seating brings an old-world charm to the wedding. You can choose a romantic backdrop with French windows and minimal floral décor, to complement the seating arrangements on the stage. You can also add light accent pieces like dreamcatchers, string lights, jute decorations, etc. to add a touch of serendipity to the entire affair.

If you are going for a rustic theme for the wedding, candles and white statement sofas pair well together. A muted color palette is great for an evening wedding affair, and you can get décor and lighting options that match the theme.

white wedding decoration

Floral Arrangements

Picture a bunch of white roses, some white candles, and an elegant chandelier suspended from the ceiling. Sounds like a royal affair, doesn’t it? This is the décor you should aim for if you are looking for a classic and refined wedding. You can add small vases with fresh tuberose at different places around the entire venue. Place it on a firm center table, so you can surround it with small white candles to add some light to the venue.

White strings of fairy light also look great with a mix of foliage and white blooms, so you can deck up the dining table with them. This décor style will surely bring some grace and elegance to the wedding.

white wedding decoration

Other Venue Décor

A contemporary set-up for the wedding looks truly divine, and when you pair it with a white theme, matched with a natural backdrop, you will have a serene ceremony in the making. White themes go really well with the nautical vibe of a beach, but you can also have a gorgeous outdoor wedding decoration by using hints of color in the décor along with white.

White burlap drapes look perfect to make a tented area around the seating arrangements. Minimal florals add a divine touch to the wedding. If you are looking to add a photo booth corner, don’t rule out a handmade macrame photo booth without looking up a couple of ideas. The photo booth will surely add to the bohemian vibe of the wedding. This idea also fits the cottage-core aesthetic some may look for in a garden wedding.

Last but not the least, every white wedding needs a dreamy ceiling for a fairy tale wedding vibe. You can have an overhead canopy with pastel florals and gorgeous string lights. You can also add to this vibe by using white signage boards at the entrance!

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