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Chic And Contemporary Wedding Décor Ideas

Chic And Contemporary Wedding Décor Ideas

The modern day couples are becoming involved in every aspect of their dream wedding, This proactive and conscious participation in preparation helps have a clearer vision for wedding decoration, enabling the best of it to come together.

Monograms to spell it out

chic letter decoration


For marriage decorations that leaves an example to your guests and visitors, look for decorative monograms to fill up space and to adorn the venue. These also function as a picture-worthy spots. You can choose to set up the marrying couple’s emotions through initials or a keyword or phrase that expresses the sentiment of the event, Based on your wedding aesthetic, you can go for ones that are sheathed in florals, bold and classy ones with bulbs that tend a retro vibe.


Photo booths

photo booth decor


In the age of Pinterest inspiration and Instagram goals, photo booth decoration has become a must for any fun gathering. While you can easily rent setups, backdrops and props to have one in your venue, try getting it to sync in with the rest of your decorations and not to stick like a sore thumb. As much as decadent photo booths are in trend, going for a cohesive aesthetic creates a better ambiance and themed wedding decoration helps make it distinct. 


Stylized signage’s and captions

Welcome your guests to the celebration with beautifully designed signage boards, adorned with bird cages, flowers and string lights for cute, art vibes. Even simpler with metallic frames and glass base look classy. Similarly, fun and quirky captions are another way to lend a personalized contemporary touch to the decorations and also provide some picturistic scenes to the guests.



bar decoration


Be it a pre-wedding event, the main ceremony or the reception, bars are in most demand. They’re not a mere convenience but also a style statement. From lounge furniture to bar tops, the entire setup is a great exhibit of funky and tasteful decor. Some ikebana or light, hanging flower decorations can add color to a woodwork interior and also you can transform the place with a mix of ethnic and contemporary in a riveting dance of glittery embellishments. And in case it isn’t possible to have an expansive bar in the venue, you can always have these DIY barrels spotting the area.


Table and banquet decorations

Based on the seating layout and the size of tables, you have an array of adornments and flower decoration staples to choose from. Table centerpieces are a versatile decoration products that can be kept rustic or made flamboyant. Doing the rounds hanging adornments such as crystals and chandeliers, floral pomanders, etc. 

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