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Floral Backdrops For Chennai Weddings

Floral Backdrops For Chennai Weddings

As you gear up to tie the knot and embark upon a new journey with your partner, the best flower decorators in Chennai have got your back when it comes to making the day memorable with such lavish and elegant wedding decorations that will transform any kind of wedding venue into the most mesmerizing place to conduct your ceremonies in. While the mandap stage and entrance decor remain the most vital components one needs to prioritize, there is another significant aspect that can decidedly enhance the appearance and ambiance of the place and lend a more complete and rich feeling of unity to the decor. Backdrops, both decorative and functional, find several uses in the setup and contribute to uplifting the decor. So here are a few charming floral backdrops to adorn the wedding stage and photo booths.


Quite rustic, this wooden panel is adorned with leafy vines and light bulbs, well contrasted by the luscious floral decoration on the sides. With decorative lanterns, it can be placed near the entrance walkway so that your guests can walk in and take beautiful pictures.


photo booth backdrop decoration


If you’re seeking a more flamboyant photo booth backdrop decor, this enticing arrangement is just perfect. This contemporary styling of flower decoration for your Chennai wedding juxtaposes a green background with dainty light florals. The intricate, vividly three-dimensional texture draws attention.


photo booth decoration


A classic overload of flowers in the backdrop is a great option for reception stage decor. The contrast of pristine white blooms with dark reds and greens in a crowded arrangement is lit up beautifully with the use of dainty crystal chandeliers.


stage backdrop decoration


For a more modern approach to stage decor, consider this elegant and fancy draped backdrop adorned with frames, pastel flowers and chandeliers. The matching furniture and glass adornments make it look very sleek.


elegant stage decoration


Liven up your outdoor wedding decoration in Chennai with this bright blue backdrop adorned with a vibrant floral wreath and light bulbs. The stunning variety of florals comes out especially well against the simple backdrop.


floral wreath decoration


The gorgeous color palette of this mandap setup makes for an instant attraction. The metallic color scheme of the drapes used is complemented by the strings of lush florals cascading from the sides.


floral mandap decoration

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