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Winter Wonderland Birthday Decoration

Winter Wonderland Birthday Decoration

There is just something about the color white that spells out regal and elegant. The crisp, pristine color is the sea from which all other colors emerge. Complete in itself, it stands for purity and innocence. Its brilliance shines through, providing a sense of tranquility and cleanliness. Planning birthday party decoration around this theme would definitely add a polished, refined touch to the occasion. Let’s see some ways in which you can make your party decor look really classy with the help of this basic color.


For a simple lawn venue, a green backdrop to match with swirling white drapes on top makes for very charming decoration. The textured flowers, balloons and other adornments in the same pale color scheme give it a more complete look.


white birthday decor


This dreamy backdrop is so stunningly textured that it will surely make your photo booth decor stand out. The feathery details, artificial and fresh flowers, drapes, pearl strings, ornate frames and a bunch of other adornments make this eclectic setup incredibly soft and elegant. This gorgeous addition to your outdoor birthday decoration will catch much attention.


photo booth decoration


Simple but classy, this birthday balloon decoration in the form of a lovely white balloon arch looks suave against the sober drapes and can actually work as a photo booth too.


balloon arch decor


The elegant combination of drapes along with giant balloons and some floral decor gives a sophisticated look to the place. The minimal decoration is stylish indeed and perfect for workplaces or anyone who isn’t fond of anything excessive.


white themed birthday decoration


The inherent opulence of this white on white drapes decoration is undeniable. Lit by string lights and splendid chandeliers, it makes the place look nothing short of magnificent.


drape and string light decor


White can also be very effectively used to create riveting contrast. The combination of green and white is soothing and refreshing. This relatively easy decor makes use of a green backdrop adorned with white balloons and some big leaves.


birthday backdrop decor


This resplendent setup with a glimmering backdrop made of drapes and string lights and adorned with white and golden balloons is a great way to add a hint of flamboyance to the party.


elegant birthday decoration

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