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Captivating Floral Pattern Decoration

Captivating Floral Pattern Decoration

To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat.
– Beverly Nichols

Flowers are our best friends when getting a place ready to host an event or a party. They make for lovely decor and perfume the place, lifting up all our spirits. With the best flower decorators, ensure that no corner of your event venue is left unadorned with these pretty floral patterns and rangolis.


This rustic yet gorgeous mandap decoration chiefly utilizes flower petals in the lovely combination of white and red. These are used to encircle the various decorative pieces and to adorn the edge of the stage in a wavy pattern on top of which metallic containers filled in with floating petals are placed.


white and red flower rangoli


This enticing event decor can be used to fill up various structures such as benches, etc. in the outdoor venue. Metal candelabras are placed along with metal containers filled to the brim with bright yellow florals that are eye-catching.


metal candelabra and pots flower decor


Another beautiful way to decorate outdoor structures like statues or fountains is to surround them with rose petals and some flower rangoli in the pattern of floral vines running along the boundary.


outdoor flower decor


This spectacular entrance decoration works for any event. A miniature of Lord Ganesha is centrally placed for blessings and good luck. Surrounded by metal candelabras in varying sizes with flower garlands wrapped around the stems and a star-like floral rangoli, along with metal pots containing petals, this gorgeous decor is well-suited to welcome the guests.


flower and candelabra entrance decor


Here is an amazing display of the use of traditional florals for some sleek, contemporary flower decoration to enhance the beauty of the modern-styled venue or even your new house. Rectangular patterns close to the wall edges with flower-filled metal pots look delightful in yellow and orange.


classy indoor flower decor


Here is yet another alternative for outdoor flower decoration using metallic diyas amidst which discs made of various flower petals are made.


outdoor floral decoration


This very traditional-looking floral pattern is made wholly of lush marigold blooms in the midst of which are placed coconuts and shrubs in a metal pot. The decor looks lively with the use of bright colors and simple design.


marigold flower decor


Ideal for inauguration ceremonies that conventionally begin with the lighting of the lamps or diyas, this flower decor in the classic red and white looks dazzling. Placed against a pristine backdrop, the colors come out brighter.


candelabra floral decoration


This simple yet elegant floral rangoli can be used to adorn entrances, pathways and corners. Flower petals in red, yellow and white color are arranged to resemble paisley motifs upon which metallic vessels containing more flower petals are placed.


yellow and red flower decor

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