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International Flowers Used In An Indian Wedding

International Flowers Used In An Indian Wedding

With the advent of time and the increase in usage of flowers in Indian weddings, people have started to include many kinds of international flowers at their weddings. Apart from the traditional Indian flowers like roses, gajra, marigold and lotus; there are uncountable varieties of beautiful flowers in the world that will take your wedding to another colourful level.


1. Calla lilies

One of the most beautiful kinds of Lillies, Calla Lilly are actually a native of South Africa. These flowers come in various shades of pink, yellow purple and more. However, the pretties Calla Lillies are definitely the white ones that look both chic and elegant.

Calla lilies For Flower Decorations

2. Ranunculus

Ranunculus are one of the most graceful cut flowers available. The most unique feature of this flower is the double ruffled petals. They come with a long vase life and even loner stem. The mesmerizing shade of ranunculus looks ravishing in the bouquets, décor or even flower jewellery of brides.


Ranunculus Flowers


3. Brassica

Brassica flowers come in three different hues- purple, cream white and green. All three of them are majorly used in the wedding décor where the theme is accented towards the shades of purple. These flowers are gorgeous cut flowers that blend with various kinds of decorative pieces and compliments the wedding couture as well.


Brassica For Wedding Decorations

4. Blush Peonies

Bus peonies come in a beautiful shade of blush pink that transforms any flower arrangement into dreamy couture. These beautiful flowers are mostly used as bridal flowers in the way of fresh flower jewellery. Blush Peonies are a voluminous flower that adds a statement of magnificence to the bride.


Blush Peonies For Marriage Decorations


5. Chrysanthemum

These colourful symbols of joys just enlighten the whole room with their vibrant colours and appearance. These flowers have layers of petals that have two shades of colours on them. They come in various shades of bright solid colours like yellow, orange, white, red and more.


Chrysanthemum For Mandap Decorations


Most of the times the exotic flowers are not available on stores because of the season and reserved imports. However, you can buy wedding flowers online for various kinds of good quality.

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