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Tips For Wedding Entrance Decoration

Tips For Wedding Entrance Decoration


A wedding is an important event and requires a lot of planning, irrespective of how grand or private affair it is going to be. For the day to go perfectly, you need to get down to the smallest of details and make sure everything is perfect. The theme wedding decoration is what will really set the mood for your wedding day. It’s all in the little detailing, such as wedding entrance decoration, that the decor would truly pop.

One of the things that is often overlooked when it comes to decoration is the wedding entrance decoration. Often the set up of the entrance is left for the last minute. But you wouldn’t want to miss this because this is what sets the first impression on the minds of your guests. So make sure that the décor of the entrance hints at the theme of the wedding. Here are some amazing wedding entrance decoration ideas that you are sure to love.


The Classic Arch


theme wedding decorations


Some things remain a classic for a reason, and this piece of wedding entrance decoration is one of them, no doubt. There are so many ways in which you could decorate the classic arch. An elegant archway that slopes over a regal red carpet is a great way to make your guests feel royal. Not only that, the gentle folds of the fabric are complemented by the soft glow of the lights. The flowers that bedeck the head of the archway lend a very delicate, subtle yet classy look to the whole setting. Not only does this look beautiful, it will not add to the cost either.


The Modern Arch: Wedding Gate Decoration


Flower Decoration For Wedding


If classic is not really what you want, then there are many other options that you can consider. A modern take of the classic arch is what makes to the list. Instead of an arch that is spread out, this one tapers in various directions as per your liking. The arch is adorned with beautiful flowers to make it seem like the entire thing is made up of them. The beautiful tunnel that follows to the venue just adds a charm to the scene. The flower decorations will definitely make an impression on your guests as they step into your fairy tale wedding. Truly a stunning wedding gate decoration idea that combines the traditional and the contemporary!


The Floral Plush Gate


indian wedding decoration ideas


Flowers are the most important commodity at every wedding. So why not make this the centrepiece of your wedding entrance decor as well? It would be a great idea to welcome your guests with an extravagance of fresh, fragrant flowers as they enter the venue. Besides, the lighting on the arches perfectly brightens the tincture of the entrance. Floral rangoli that adorns the pathway to the venue is also something you and the guests are definitely going to love.


The Lights And Flowers Gate


flower decoration pictures


A truly different spin on the wedding entrance,lights and flowers on the entrance make for an extravagant décor idea. First up, drapes adorning the piece are a sight to behold. Adding to that, large flower cut outs with fairy lights give the entrance a magical touch.Other pieces that adorn the centre piece makes the décor classy, elegant and something the guests wouldn’t forget for quite a while.


The Drapes And Garlands Wedding Gate Decoration


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When you think of a theme wedding decoration made with flowers, you cannot ignore marigolds. Creating a gateway using garlands of marigold and fabric drapes is another wonderful idea to deck up the entrance. There can be decorative pieces that hold the whole look together and make it classy and very ethnic. This amalgamation of classic and contemporary is sure to leave a lasting impression on the guests.


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