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Tips For Choosing Best Wedding Hotels For Your Wedding

Tips For Choosing Best Wedding Hotels For Your Wedding


Picking a wedding venue is a big deal. It’s expensive. It sets the tone. It’s also an incredibly overwhelming process. How to find a venue that is affordable, is liked by the bride and the groom, is convenient for the guests, and most importantly, is available on the date required.

Before you make any venue lists and decisions, make sure the budget for the venue is in place and is finalised.

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Prepare yourself with a venue research spreadsheet—a place to track all of your research on wedding venue ideas, so that you can organize it and then review it without losing your mind. Make an elaborate list of options like Best Wedding Hotels in Bangalore, Best Wedding Venues in Bangalore or Wedding locations in Bangalore. After the list is made, shortlist the places you like best with an online research about the facilities offered and the rates.


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Once the initial research is done and venues have been shortlisted, visit the venues in person to get a feel of the place. Also, make a list of the cost and compare them with other venues. Things you should consider before finalising or even considering to finalise a venue are – Will you be willing to pay for the extra hour, in case the time of the event extends? Are there any other free facilities included like extra tables and chairs or free parking?


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While finalising a location for a wedding, Bangalore event planners consider the following while planning Weddings in Bangalore:


1. Consider The Location.

In case of venues that are remotely located, will you be making provisions to take your guests there? Is the venue centrally located and can be reached by public transportation? If people are going to drive down, does the venue provide a parking facility? Is it easily accessible or tedious to find?Many of the Best Wedding Hotels in Bangalore, Best Wedding Venues in Bangalore or Wedding locations in Bangalore are located at convenient places and getting there isn’t too difficult.

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2. Does This Venue Have Any Catering Restrictions?

Most of the times, venues have specific restrictions when it comes to catering service. They have in-house caterers in place and hiring them for the wedding can add to budget since their charges, most of the times are exorbitant. Other times, venues do allow non-traditional caterers but the charges differ. Taste the food of the in house caterer and decide if you want to hire them or stretch the budget a little, but get your caterer on board.

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3. Does This Venue Fit Your General Vibe?

This is generally difficult to comprehend. The vibe of the venue generally depends on the kind of a wedding you want to have. If you are looking to have a casual wedding, outdoor venues work best. For a traditional wedding, plush indoor halls make for a great venue.  This is also where you should consider the wedding decorations. Is the venue naturally beautiful and impressive, so it doesn’t require additional lighting or some outdoor wedding decoration? Or is it a blank slate that will need uplighting to warm it up, and additional decor?

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4. Work And Rework The Budget.

Apart from the rent you will be paying for the venue, there are a lot of other things that add to the total cost of the venue. Caterers generally charge price-per-plate and decorations also add to the cost. Elaborate outdoor decoration to adds to the cost. Know how much your total budget is, as well as approximately what your wedding decoration will cost to execute. If you select your venue first, and then realize it’s more than what was expected, it’s extremely difficult to stay within your budget when you still have a dozen other tasks to complete! Consult with a local planner or someone like people in Bangalore who plan Weddings in Bangalore to get information that’s more specific than the averages often found online.

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5. Consider Your Guests’ Experience.

If you have a lot of people attending your wedding, remember that along with it being your day, the comfort of the guests is also of prime importance. The maximum capacity of a venue is often a cramped adjustment of space, so ask the venue beforehand for a comfortable capacity number.

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