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Naming Ceremony Decoration Ideas From The Best Flower Decorators in Bangalore

Naming Ceremony Decoration Ideas From The Best Flower Decorators in Bangalore

A new baby is like the beginning of all things – Wonder, Hope, a dream of possibilities.

~ Edna J. Le Shan ~

Welcoming an adorable bundle of joy is a heart-touching and immensely memorable moment for a family. They bring with them abounding and immeasurable amounts of joy and elation. Celebrating the arrival of a baby as a part of the family has been a sentimental and traditional ritual in Indian customs as well as others for centuries.

In Hindu tradition, the celebration encompasses a naming ceremony which is known as the Namakaran ceremony. This is regarded as a highly auspicious and revered rite of passage for the new-born baby. This traditional custom also helps to introduce and create a lasting bond between the baby and the rest of the family and well-wishers. Generally, the 12th day following the child’s birth is when this sanctimonious event is held. This day not only marks the christening of the baby but it is also a day dedicated to honoring the mother of the child.

golden naming ceremony decorationThis blessed day is not only celebrated with vain and ostentatious display as is the case with traditional indian weddings. Instead, it’s a day filled with holy prayers ( Pujas) at the child’s home or a temple and receiving heartfelt blessings and gifts from the guests. 

Planning and organizing a naming ceremony just after the child has been born can be quite an arduous task for the parents. This is where we, the best flower decorators in bangalore step in, to take the burden of the naming ceremony decoration off your shoulders so that you can relax and focus on rejoicing the most wonderful and priceless occasion of your life.

Here’s a quick glance at some of the most stunning décor options that the best flower decorators can help you achieve:

Pink Paradise:

pink paradise naming ceremony decorationIs your little one a beautiful baby girl? Then you can consider a pink-color themed naming ceremony with a stunning pink backdrop for the stage, along with frilly drapes for adorning the base. Add a touch of elegance with hand-picked flowers by the specialists in events decoration bangalore.

Blissful Blue:

blissful blue naming ceremony decorationAlthough generally a color associated with boys, blue is the color that can be used as the theme for your invitations to the naming ceremony venue decoration, whether you’ve been blessed with a baby girl or baby boy. Flower decoration to resemble a divine halo over the baby’s cradle on the stage and backdrop of artistic flair will leave your guests awestruck.

Traditional Touch:

marigold naming ceremony decorationFor a theme that is more inspired by your cultural side, you can opt for traditional marigolds to bedazzle the naming ceremony by the maestros of flower decoration bangalore. For an outdoor event, you can have a gorgeous canopy for performing the rituals and placing your baby’s crib.

Minimalist Marvel:

minimal naming ceremony decorationDecorations need not be over-the-top to make the event stellar. It can be kept stylish, yet graceful with a minimalist backdrop and stage decoration.

Don’t forget to check out flower decoration pictures to get more inspired!

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