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Flowers That Make “Big Fat Indian Weddings” So Special

Flowers That Make “Big Fat Indian Weddings” So Special

Flowers are a significant part of wedding décor. You see them at almost every second wedding and a wedding feels incomplete without a floral aspect. They are very versatile and can be incorporated into every wedding element. Although we use flower decoration for wedding, we must not forget the cultural significance they hold for Indian traditions.

Some flowers, both Indian as well as exotic, have been used in Indian weddings for generations. They have been passed down so much that they simply feel like a part of the Indian culture now. Let us look at some of the flowers that give Indian weddings the traditional charm.


Hibiscus are not a popularly used flower at weddings, but its usage is increasing currently. They are very trendy and can be used for wedding stage decorations. Hibiscus flowers come in different colors and sizes, so they have varied use. These flowers look gorgeous once they bloom so make sure you get fresh flowers bulk. Hibiscus florals also look great in bridal bouquets when paired with foliage or other filler flowers.

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Mogra are among the very few Indian flowers that are rich in culture. They are rich in tradition while looking gorgeous in various wedding elements. These are small white flowers which can be used perfectly as filler flowers. They can also be used for wedding décor. Strings of mogra can be recessed from ceilings or used as hangings for the wedding stage backdrop. Apart from this, mogra are also traditionally adorned by the bride.

Since these flowers give out a beautiful natural scent, brides use mogra to decorate their hair. Mogra can also be used as floral accessories. If you are looking for some lightweight wedding garlands, these small flowers are a great choice!


Lotus are classic Indian water flowers. They are commonly used in pooja ceremonies, but you can also incorporate the lotus buds in various elements of wedding décor. Lotus is also another great flower that brides usually use to adorn their hair. Lotus garlands are also a perfect choice if you wish to have heavy wedding garlands since these are big flowers. If you are planning to incorporate lotus in multiple elements for the wedding, get wholesale flowers to be more cost-effective.

Classic Red Roses

Every wedding can use at least one rose in some way or the other. Roses, especially red roses, signify romance, love and attachment, which is why they are perfect for a grand wedding affair. These are very versatile flowers. One can use it in so many different ways, from using it in your wedding attire and accessories to decorating the wedding venue. If you want a lush wedding bouquet, red roses are the way to go!

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Marigolds hold an important place at Indian weddings from a religious point of view. You will find them at almost every Indian wedding, especially in the south. South Indian weddings use marigolds exclusively for the wedding décor, and they look fabulous as ever! Marigolds are also used in varmalas if you wish to go completely traditional for your wedding. The orange and yellow colors also perfectly accentuate the vibe of the Haldi ceremony, so you may see a lot of marigolds focused décor there. Brides also wear floral accessories with marigolds strung together for the Haldi ceremony.


Although not a traditional Indian flower, orchids are pretty popular at Indian weddings. These are very vibrant flowers that come in so many colors, so no matter what the wedding theme is, you can also pair up some orchids for the floral arrangements. Orchids provide an elegant vibe to the wedding, so if you want to go for a modern or contemporary look, this should be your pick!

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When you think of lilies, you automatically think of delicateness. Lilies are pretty flowers and can bring a certain charm to your wedding. Although they come in different colors, these flowers pair well with pastel wedding themes. A common floral arrangement with lilies is seen at the wedding stage. Lilies can be recessed as hangings from the ceilings in an indoor wedding venue. You can also adorn the entrance with beautiful lilies. The petals from these flowers look gorgeous spread out on the aisle since they are available in so many different colors.

All these flowers add a whimsical charm to your wedding. Let us know what flowers you would prefer at your wedding. If you are looking for imported flower dealers for your marriage decoration, we should be your top choice!

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