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Unexpected Ways to Use Florals at Your Wedding

Unexpected Ways to Use Florals at Your Wedding

When it comes to floral arrangements, we have learnt that the possibilities are endless! There are simply too many elements you can adorn with floral décor. Florals always elevate every part of your wedding decorations, so there is no wrong way to go about it. But there is often too much stress and confusion when it comes to picking out your florals.

We understand that completely! We see how picking out florals could stress you out before your big day. There are simply too many choices, and the added pressure of not wanting to use the same boring arrangements is immense. You may also have to get wholesale flowers if you want to add florals to multiple elements!

No need to worry. We have some great ideas to use florals in an unexpected way that you can pick out for your wedding. This out of the box thinking is definitely going to turn your wedding into a beautiful affair!


Say, are you looking for some quirky props for your wedding portraits? We have got your back! Photo booths or frames adorned with florals have been in style for quite a few years now, so we understand why you may not want to go with them. But personalized monograms covered in gorgeous blooms? Sign us up immediately!

Monograms look very sophisticated and modern regardless of any floral décor. So, you can imagine how gorgeous they would look with some additional floral décor! The to be wedded couple’s initials can be personalized and adorned with their favorite blooms. Monograms look gorgeous in the background for some great wedding portraits!

Cover Your Chairs

Sure, the wedding stage and backdrops are very essential elements of your wedding reception, but seating arrangements come close! You have to give some extra thought to the seating you choose as your guests should be comfortable enough.

With some florals added to the back of your seating arrangements, you simply elevate it to an entirely different level. Whether you choose chairs or comfortable cushions, with gorgeous floral décor, your guests will all be sitting in style. You can also use floral décor for the couple’s seat on the stage.

Floating Florals

If you are having the wedding ceremony by the poolside, there is no better way of accentuating the venue than floating blooms. Floating flowers look lovely and will amp up the entire ambience of your outdoor wedding. If you are having an outdoor garden wedding, you can still incorporate this element by using smaller vessels of water.

You can choose any water plant you like. Make sure the florals match with the overall color theme of your wedding because you don’t want them to look odd. You can also buy imported flowers for this element.

Flowers On the Wall

This modern floral backdrop looks perfect for your wedding stage! You can opt for monochrome florals if you are looking for something a bit on the subtle end. If you feel this element is too plain, you can also add a similar backdrop at the aisle or the photo booth so your venue is filled with florals!

Flower Arch

A floral arch is not a commonly seen structure at Hindu weddings, but they look really pretty! You can arrange them at the entrance of the venue or the start of the wedding aisle. They can be very minimal, or you can use heavier blooms to arrange a majestic multi colored floral arch! Regardless of the design, a floral arch is an innovative and great choice for your wedding!

Overhead Installations

For an indoor wedding, install an overhead floral arrangement to give your wedding venue an extra little oomph! You can pick the blooms for the overhead seating in coordination with the florals that shall be displayed on the dining table. This is very similar to floral canopies, and both look equally good on the ceilings so you can pick any creative design!

Use Garlands Differently

Traditional Indian wedding ceremonies use the varmalas or floral garlands for the ritual, but the use of floral garlands doesn’t just stop there! Floral garlands are so in trend for wedding décor. You can use them to line up your aisle, or around railings. If you are having an outdoor wedding, wrap up the trees in the vicinity with floral garlands!
You can mix it up and cover the tree with floral garlands and some strings of light. Floral garlands are also very popular as center pieces at the dining table.

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