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Ultimate Bridal suite essentials!

Ultimate Bridal suite essentials!

A bridal suite is the place where you get ready for your big day so it has to be well equipped. It can also be a place where you plan out your bachelorette, so it becomes even more crucial to keep in mind all the necessary items that you may require while getting ready if you don’t want to run here and here at the eleventh hour. In this blog, I have listed some important things that will help make this process more smooth and fun, not only for you but for the whole bridal team as well.

Light snacks and drinks

Make sure that the suite has an adequate amount of food and drinks supply for the whole brigade.  Often, brides forget to eat as they are stuck in the midst of all the arrangements but as it is very important for you remain energetic throughout the day, nourishment comes first. You will get ample amount of time to eat while having your makeup or your hair done, so here the loaded snacks will come very handy. One more essential item would be champagne as you definitely need to celebrate you big day with your best friends privately.

Emergency bag

Be it headache medicines or extra hairpins, you should carry a kit of things you think are essential. Ask your bridesmaid to make a list of things for the emergency kit keeping in mind your hygiene (razors, wet wipes, mouth freshener, hand sanitizers) outfit(sewing kit, safety pins, stain remover), hairstyle( bobby pins, extra bands, hair brush, hair spray) , makeup( lip balm, lotion, lipstick) and even your shoes. You can even get such emergency bags made for your bridesmaids, so that they are also prepared for any kind of situation. The kits can be customized according to the theme of the wedding and also the destination.

Extra Lighting

Well you can avoid this one if you have booked a suite that has sufficient lighting. But if this is not the case, ask your photographer to carry extra lighting so that there is no compromise with the photo shoot. The makeup artist should also acquire ring lights in order to focus on the details when it comes to flawless makeup.

Subtle Decorations

Well!  As we know many brides these days plan a photo shoot while getting ready for the ceremony, the room has to be decorated. Otherwise the background of your photos will look dull. The room can be decorated with minimal flower decorations that add to the décor of the room. Get creative with props and try to personalize the space. You can get the bathrobes and night suits customized for a quirky photo shoot with your bridesmaids. Along with the flowers you can get ‘Bride to be’ posters with metallic balloons and ribbons. Such decorations are so simple that even the bridesmaids can execute them. This will definitely elevate the photos and will provide you with a memorable experience.

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