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Pastel Flower Shower For A Blossoming Outdoor Wedding Venue

Pastel Flower Shower For A Blossoming Outdoor Wedding Venue

The pastel color palette is extremely wedding friendly and blends well with all kinds of occasions, be it a classic white wedding or a suave poolside event. From engagements to wedding receptions, the range of colors is such that it embraces every style of celebration and goes well with a number of wedding aesthetics, both contemporary and traditional. When gearing up for an outdoor wedding, add the immaculate pastel flavor to your chic marriage decoration for a slight so pleasant, it’ll have a steady stream of compliments coming your way.


Let’s begin with some light but charming table centerpiece decoration in the form of this circular arrangement of velvety roses. If you’re leaning towards a minimalist look, something like this against a pristine white background will come out princessy.


pastel flower table decor


These gorgeous slender flower vases carved with beautiful patterns are quite a no-brainer. Housing a fresh bouquet of riveting florals, these can be lined just about anywhere.


slender flower fixtures


Ensure that even that simple staircase is also a looker with this magnificent flower decoration whose delightful color combinations are classy but also stand out against the backdrop.


staircase decoration


Ditch the regular bar and opt for this stunning glass tabletop encasing pastel pink flowers and candles for a contemporary chic vibe.


encased floral decor


Quite DIY-ish, hanging arrangements like these have a charm of their own. Frilly florals and fairy lights suspended in a mason jar are the perfect adornments for a cottage wedding venue. They look especially vibrant when used to enhance the wooden interior. Liven up the dull browns of the semi-covered areas of your venue with these.


hanging flower decoration


Tap into the country wedding aesthetics with table wedding decoration composed of candles, flowers, jars and net placed atop a piece of wood for a daytime banquet. Next to it is a bolder floral arrangement that simply can’t be overlooked in its powerful yet rustic beauty.



Consider placing a bunch of florals of varying textures in wooden vases on the sides and along the pews and aisles to complement a sober seating layout with lacy bits adorning the backrests of the chairs. The soft aesthetic is ideal for a ceremony during the day.


outdoor floral decor

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