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Types Of Photo Booth Decors For An Indian Wedding

Types Of Photo Booth Decors For An Indian Wedding

Décor is a very integral part of Indian weddings where everything is arranged in colours, bridal flowers, bright lights and just portraying the celebration in a larger than life manner. One of the latest addition to the whole wedding décor setup is photo booths. Photobooths are basically a setup section of the area or a wall specially designed and decorated for everyone to use it as a backdrop in the wedding photographs. There is a wide range of creative freedom to go with the theme or off theme when it comes to decorating photobooths with flowers. Check out the types of stunning photobooth décor that you can totally recreate in your wedding.


If you want to go ahead with a vibrant and a quirky theme, go ahead with three basic coloured flowers of yellow, orange and pink. These three colours when combined together make for a very lively photo booth. Certain props like a colourful umbrella and a yellow scooter are added to add the quirkiness to the whole setup. Mogra flowers are used to create frames and hanging strings to give a more natural effect.


Photo Booth Decorations


If you want to have a very subtle yet classy and impactful backdrop in the photographs, go ahead with this elegant photo booth décor option. The background is given by a pretty beige curtain with patterns followed by an arch or white flowers and big green leaves all over the arch to give a focal point to the décor. Along with it, additional elements like goldens cages and white cycle is kept to add the dramatic effect to the booth. The blend of beige with white flowers highlights the photograph stunningly.

Photo Booth With props


When the theme of your wedding is already a colourful and vivacious one, the smart thing to do with a photo booth is blending the designs and colours together at one place by keeping the theme intact. In this décor arrangement, only an arch is created using yellow and orange drapes and different shapes and sizes of frames are hanging over the rich dark brown couch with a bright yellow base. The colourful frames are finished off with small flowers. All the colours blend beautifully in the natural light and the photographs clicked under it turned out extremely alluring.

Outdoor Photo Booth Decorations


You can take a very minimal yet attractive approach for this photobooth décor. All you have to do is buy wedding garland online, the ones with premium quality and which remains fresh for longer. Preferably small garden roses are used in the setup. Create a vertical structure and paint it in a striking colour like gold, copper or silver, take a few rings and top it up with roses, baby’s breath and hanging leaves to add a more filling effect.

Wedding Hall Photo Booth Decorations





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