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How To Plan A Wedding In Bangalore 

How To Plan A Wedding In Bangalore 

Weddings decoration and preparations can be pretty long and hectic and you will have to start preparing for it beforehand. Here we have got a tiny little guide on how to plan a hassle-free grand wedding in Bangalore, Let’s have a look-
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Decide for a venue– 

  1. Decide on your venue first! There are a number of classy and grand wedding venues in Bangalore that you can consider.
  2. Once done, render your token amount and you are down with one important step.
  3. Visit your venue time and when needed to plan for your catering set up, decoration, music, backdrops etc so there are no end moment hassles on you.

Think of all the ceremonies to be celebrated- 

  1. There are a lot of customs and rituals that you will have to take care of and yes, you will have to plan for those beforehand too.
  2. Plan for each your functions like Mehendi, Sangeet, Roka, Haldi, etc. and then accordingly plan for their decor. For example- Plan for your Mehndi and Sangeet décor, music and food arrangement on these ceremonies.
  3. Also, do not forget to book a photographer for these ceremonies beforehand too.


  1. Well, talking about arrangements in general for a wedding, there are millions of them to be made but let’s have a look at the most important ones here.
  2. Find Photographers for all your functions and book them with requisite booking amounts. Contact every possible photographer for wedding decoration pictures
  3. Then, you will need a very good florist so get in touch with the best also contact best flower decorators in town as soon as you can! Booking a florist early is very important for we need to get a good grip on mandap decoration, marriage decoration, or any other wedding decoration for weddings in Bangalore.
  4. Bands, music, or anything that you are looking forward to in your wedding has to be booked here too.
  5. Caterers, supremely important! I’m sure you want the wedding food menu to be the best. Well, the best has to be well-planned and tasted. Make sure you decide on the menu very well in advance and finalize a menu for all the ceremonies.
  6. Plan on how to shop, right from the wedding attire, jewelry, to everything. Make a list and jot down everything that you need and execute it accordingly.
  7. Make a guest list with all your family members and conclude the count and refer it for all the arrangements.
  8. Start posting the Invitations to your friends and relatives at least a month prior to your wedding.
  9. Make sure you have made the hotel bookings and transport arrangements well in advance.
  10. Book an appointment with the grooming person for bride/groom and their families.

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