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Wedding stage decoration ideas for a ‘low-key’ wedding

Wedding stage decoration ideas for a ‘low-key’ wedding

Wedding décor can essentially make or break the impression your guests form about your wedding. No one can deny that the guests at any wedding form opinions on how the wedding was based on the décor, right? This is why so many to-be wedded couples are oh so stressed before their big day!

When you first enter any wedding, your eyes automatically move towards the wedding stage at the center. The wedding stage is the most important part of any reception. It is right at the center of everyone’s attention, so you know you have to get it absolutely right.

Even if you are having a small and intimate wedding or you are just on a tight budget, there is no reason why you must compromise on your wedding décor! We have some minimal yet effective ideas you can incorporate for your wedding stage decoration for a ‘low-key’ wedding!

Red and Gold

One can never go wrong with a classic red and gold look for the center stage! If you have your mind set on having a traditional Indian reception, even if it’s minus the ‘big, fat’ part, this evergreen setup of a red floral arrangement of roses, and gold curtains or gold accented seats would look beautiful as part of your reception stage decoration.

Complete Floral Backdrops

This is a very subtle yet classy look for your wedding stage. The backdrop is entirely made of a floral arrangement of white flowers, calla lillies or roses, take your pick! The all-white theme provides a very soothing environment as well!

A Royal Vibe

Looking for an elegant center stage for your wedding? You can never go wrong with a classic royal look! You can go all out on a budget with this perfect set-up! Crystal chandeliers, gold-accented seating and elegant white flowers, pair together well to give a majestic look. Moreover, it will make your guests feel like they have arrived at an 18th-century wedding!

Soft Accents

Not looking for any of the glam that comes with a traditional Indian wedding? No need to worry! Pick a soft accented look for the stage with soft colors like baby pink, baby blue, etc. Soft accents are in trend currently. You can opt for a minimal yet elegant tone for your wedding stage with this timeless décor.

Floral Canopy

Are you in love with flowers and everything nice? We relate big time! Who doesn’t love a nice floral arrangement for a wedding? Hence this great idea of a simple canopy of fresh flowers like white roses and pink roses go very well together! In fact, pair this with some soft-toned drapes, pillars and seating arrangements and you have a wedding stage that looks royal yet very low-key at the same time!

Mandap cum Wedding Stage

If you are having your wedding rituals and reception at the same time, choosing two different setups could demand a lot of space and décor. This simple arrangement, full of yellow flowers and drapes to commemorate the classic Indian wedding, also easily doubles down as a mandap. Once your wedding rituals are done, you can also use the space to move in a sofa or two, and you have the perfect small wedding center stage!

Swing-y Dreams

Replace your classic sofa seating with a nice, wide swing with some fancy pillows and drapes. You can use a black backdrop with LED lights or drapes if it is a night wedding, for a great ambience.

A Classic Bollywood Theme

Are you and your fiancé Bollywood fanatics? If yes, then Bollywood themed props for the wedding stage are perfect for you! If you are looking for some quirky, out of the box themes for your wedding décor, instead of the classic floral arrangements, use colorful umbrellas for the backdrop of your wedding stage! You can also use some Bollywood inspired throw pillows for the seating arrangement to truly make it a low-key ‘showbiz’ wedding.

Just because your wedding reception is an intimate ceremony doesn’t mean you can’t include beautiful arrangements for your special day. These are just a few ideas for wedding decorations that your guests simply won’t be able to take their eyes off! If you are choosing a floral arrangement, Melting Flowers should be your go-to for flower décor for weddings in Bangalore!

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