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Taking ‘Flowers’ Out Of ‘Floral’ Decorations

Taking ‘Flowers’ Out Of ‘Floral’ Decorations

Nature has enriched and beautified our lives with abundant flora, countless varieties of flowers, fruits, shrubs, creepers, succulents, etc. which we have found ways to utilize. When one thinks of flower decoration for weddings, what usually pops up in their heads is a host of fresh blooms scenting up the wedding venue. What is usually looked over is the equally beautiful and rich variety of greens and other floral components that can very well complement the flowers in the wedding decorations.


This rustic backdrop of white drapes lit by string lights makes use of petite green vines. It is suitable for stage decoration, photo booths and even pathways.


green vines backdrop decoration


The streaming bunches of light flowers come out especially vibrant when placed against a bright green backdrop. The variations of greenery here are to be noted as it creatively involves some eye-catching leaves amidst the simpler ones.


green floral backdrop decoration


As common as floral arches are, laden with a plethora of flowers and crystals and lanterns, here is something different and refreshingly sober to consider instead. An arc made primarily of dainty white blossoms and greens is a great option for inner entrance decorations.


floral arc decoration


A plain leafy green or moss backdrop, such as this one placed adjacent to the pool, serves as a cool and contemporary decorative piece that also makes for a good photo booth.


green photobooth backdrop decoration


With the best flower decorators, you don’t have to limit yourself to the most commonly seen displays. For instance, while floral wreaths are popular on their own, this wooden counterpart of it here adorned with crystal balls and an eccentric combination of flowers holds a quaint, undeniable charm that will draw your guests, suited as it is for clicking beautiful pictures.


wreath decoration


Exhibit some quirky wedding decoration on your grand day with this rickshaw adorned with pretty little green vines and placed in front of a matching backdrop.


wedding photobooth decoration


Coconuts and plantain leaves are of ritualistic and cultural importance, considered sacred, especially in the southern part of India. Including them in the decor adds a traditional element to the occasion. Placed at the entrance, they are indeed auspicious.


traditional entrance decoration


The suave combination of white on white in this stage decoration is accentuated almost wholly with different kinds of leaves. Minimal and light, it makes this decor radiant for use in an outdoor venue.


white open stage decoration


Creative and subtle, this backdrop decor relies less on actual flowers and more on the varied interesting textures of the leaves arranged in longitudinal patterns.


leaf backdrop decoration


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